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Steps for Handling Water Damage in Your Nampa Property After a Pipe Bursts

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Pipe leaking water. We know the step by step process to handle your Nampa water damage.

We know the step by step process to handle your Nampa water damage.

Water damage can occur in Nampa homes because of broken pipes. A burst pipe that is hidden in the ceiling or walls can deposit several gallons of water quickly throughout your home, and this can cause panic. Water is destructive and it can warp wood, shrink furniture, and ruin carpeting within a short time.

When you find water damage in your Nampa home, you can take a few steps to prevent additional destruction. The first step is figuring out where the water is coming from. This can be tricky, depending on the location of the water loss. For instance, it can be challenging to identify precisely where the water is coming from if the ceiling is soaked. If you cannot identify the source of the water, call a professional.

If you find the source of the water, shut it off. If any electronics are present in the affected areas, turn off the electricity or remove the electronics from the room. You should also move any possessions sitting in the water to prevent secondary damage that could make them unsalvageable. There may be heavy furniture that you cannot move. In that case, restoration experts can place the furniture on blocks to keep it out of the water. You may also have immovable vanities and cabinets. You need the help of SERVPRO franchise professionals to determine if there is water behind the items.

The other step is to remove the standing water. If the volume of water is low and the affected area is relatively small, you can use a shop vac to remove it. If the affected area is over 100 sure feet, getting help from professional restorers is vital. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) can determine the spread of the water and remove it using portable pumps.

After removing the standing water, there are damp building materials that should be removed or dried in place. Failing to dry your home effectively can lead to mold growth, which can ruin your home further or cause health problems. It is crucial to use moisture detecting equipment to find hidden water damage. Some equipment we use to check for moisture in a building includes:

  • ·        Thermal imaging cameras

  • ·        Moisture sensors

  • ·        Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters
  • ·        Thermo-hygrometers

We also have professional drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers. We place several air movers in a home to get the water granules into the air through evaporation. Our WRTs then run dehumidifiers to remove this humidity from the air. We monitor the specific humidity of the air in a building and the air coming from a dehumidifier. The specific humidity is the actual amount of moisture in the air, and it should decrease as your home dries.

Water loss incidents are a significant inconvenience to homeowners.  If water has pooled in your home, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell (208) 466-5000 for immediate restoration services. We can solve your water loss problem to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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