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Three Advantages for Fast-Responding Water Restorers to Nampa Shops

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPROs IICRC certified techs have the training and experience in all commercial water damage restoration. We are here to help.

There are several benefits to experienced restoration professionals helping damaged Nampa properties. 

There are several ways that choosing professional restoration services can be a benefit to a water-damaged business. As rapidly as these conditions can get out of control, we have experienced technicians to mobilize 24/7 to help mitigate loss and protect your bottom line.

Fast and Reliable Response 

Business owners have chosen SERVPRO over other water restoration companies for Nampa shops because of our commitment that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. We have trailered equipment and large-loss tools capable of handling even severe damages to large facilities. We get vital mitigation efforts started as soon as possible.

Clearing Standing and Trapped Water

Water removal services are a necessity for damaged commercial properties, as standing water can be highly destructive to the property, installed elements, and contents. This process involves many tools from our recovery inventory, depending on the severity of the situation and the location of the damaged areas. Some of these options include:

  • Carpet wands
  • Weighted extractors
  • Wet vacuums
  • Submersible pumps

Protecting Your Investments

One of the ways that our team can help when your shop becomes a victim of a water damage event is to relocate exposed contents or items in the path of migrating moisture. Protecting your wares and stock prevents unnecessary inventory disposal as our professionals work to return your wet property to its original condition.

Choosing professional water restoration services is wise for commercial properties like the shops in Nampa. It is our business to get you back in business, and this happens with a fast mitigation approach to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team a call today at (208) 466-5000.

How Fast Can My Nampa Business Reopen a Water Damage Incident?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage restoration is a job for SERVPRO. We specialize in all forms and sizes of any disaster.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Quickly and Have the Tools and Methods to Restore Nampa Properties to Their Pre-loss Condition

There are a vast number of factors that determine that outcome for a commercial structure and contents after water damage in Nampa. Two of the most important are the type of water within the building and how quickly the mitigation efforts started. After 48-hours, the water degrades to the point it requires handling as a biohazard. Due to the potential to miss areas of water, it is vital to bring in a professional restoration services company with detection equipment to locate all areas of water migration.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Commercial Water Cleanup?

It can be disheartening to walk into your business and find it needs water clean up from a Nampa water damage restoration team. SERVPRO techs know you want to reopen as rapidly as possible, but the techs also put safety first. Unsafe elements during water mitigation include: 

  • The danger of slip and fall accidents
  • Hazardous contaminants present in the water
  • Possibility of shock from wet outlets or electronics

When only a portion of the Nampa structure gets affected by water damage, SERVPRO techs often separate the damaged area with yellow safety tape and, in the case of contaminated water, plastic barriers over the area to stop the potential for anyone aspirating or coming into contact with the water.

Winning Tactics for Limiting Damage to a Professional Space

Equipment is a big investment for a business, and there are essential documents that need protection. If these items are unable to get removed preceding the arrival of the technicians on-site, all you need to do is inform the SERVPRO Crew Chief. That person will ensure anything needed gets priority.

Computer equipment such as routers, switches, and servers tends to react poorly to exposure to highly humid conditions. These items should never get tested on-site. If there are any concerns about the operational ability of any equipment, the techs can arrange for an industry professional to inspect and test the devices to ensure they are safe for reuse.

Elements of an Organized Pack-Out

Working around desks, chairs, and cubicles is a possibility during water mitigation efforts. In some situations, the process can get sped up if the items get removed and taken to another area for inspection and safe storage. This may either be on-site or at a secure location used by SERVPRO. It works like this: 

  • Technicians photograph and note the location of each item
  • Anything needing cleaning or drying gets moved to a cleaning station first
  • The final spot in the temporary storage gets documented
  • After mitigation efforts, everything down to the smallest item gets returned to its original location 

What Are Some Common Issues During Commercial Water Damage Cleanup?

When a pipe bursts or there is a bathroom backup, the flooring tends to bear the brunt of the damage. In offices with glue-down carpets or tile, the process of delamination begins quickly. While these materials get inspected for the potential for reuse through cleaning and drying, in the majority of cases, they require disposal. When the water damage includes sewage, most porous items have no restoration potential due to the contaminated nature of the water.

Concrete is a porous substrate and needs drying applications that assist in pulling embedded water out of it. Afterward, a white powdery substance known as efflorescence may get left on top from the salts and minerals, also coming to the surface, but this gets easily cleaned away.

Sheetrock and baseboards are other areas that need a good deal of attention after a commercial water damage. While baseboards often can get removed, dried, and reinstalled, sheetrock is another story. When exposed to water, it wicks it rapidly upwards and quickly begins to warp or buckle. Once this reaction happens, the techs measure several inches above the highest mark and cleanly cut off the damaged area. This makes the repairs easy as a new piece of sheetrock needs to get put in and then sealed with a joint compound and sanded down. After repainting, there are no signs of the controlled demolition needed.

The final issue in most water damage events is the odor. No one wants to frequent a business or work in an environment that smells musty. SERVPRO techs have various applications for odor control to eliminate odors at the molecular level.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 is available 24/7 to handle any size of commercial water cleanup on your property. Call as soon as the event happens to get the best outcome.

Top 4 Fire Damage Risks For Nampa Offices

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

A fire in your building isn't any good for business. SERVPRO will have your business up and running in no time. We do all fire restoration.

Check out The Four Fire Damage Risks That Can Happen in Your Office

Fire damage is a risk for any business. Whether your office is an insurance agency or law firm, or the HQ of a catering company or clothing catalog, the problem is the same: A blaze quickly decimates your building and puts your staff in danger. Flames also damage costly equipment and vital paperwork. As a result, all Nampa business owners know it is better to avoid a fire if at all possible. 

SERVPRO is on hand to help with fire cleanup in Nampa – and we are also passionate about fire damage education and prevention in the area. Here are the top 4 fire damage risks for local businesses. 

  1. Outdated Fire Safety Equipment 

Up-to-date fire safety equipment is a must. Having the correct tools on hand means you can act faster in the event of a fire. 

Every office needs a fire alarm system and appropriate fire extinguishers on every level. However, different extinguishers are suited to different types of fire, so SERVPRO recommends researching which sorts are most suitable for your office. 

It is also a good idea to fit a sprinkler system and to test fire alarms and sprinklers regularly. 

  1. Electrical Equipment 

Offices have plenty of electrical equipment, including computers, copy machines, phones, fax machines, and servers. Electrical equipment is vital to running an office, but it is also a severe fire hazard. 

It does not take much for electronic items to spark and start a fire. Damaged or frayed cords, or worn-out devices, are also a problem. 

Keep all electric devices in good working order, and do not leave them switched on or plugged in if you can avoid it. 

  1. Lack Of Training 

Your employees need to know how to avoid fire damage risks by being careful with flammable liquids and not overloading sockets. Your staff also needs to know what to do in the event of a fire. 

SERVPRO recommends every local office sign up for our Emergency Ready Plan. Emergency Ready Plan is a free app that helps you plan what to do in the event of fire damage and share the information with your team. 

  1. Combustible Materials 

Every office has flammable materials such as paper and cardboard. Waste paper and old boxes seem like harmless junk, but they quickly burn once alight. So put a protocol in place for regular clearing, and store waste away from main working areas.

For help with preparing for fire damage or cleanup after a fire in Caldwell, Nampa, and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell today at (208) 466-5000.

Can SERVPRO Perform Mold Remediation in Caldwell Workplaces without Exposing Staff

6/13/2021 (Permalink)

Mold infestations in the workplace need to be quickly addressed. Contact our SERVPRO mold damage remediation team to investigate the situation.

SERVPRO Uses Air Filtration and Containment during Black Mold Repair in Caldwell

Discovering mold in your Caldwell business place raises many concerns on issues such as the wellbeing of the structure and how the remediation process might affect occupants, including your staff and clients. Seeking help from a professional can help resolve all the concerns.

Any mold remediation plan in Caldwell business premises must address visible and hidden mold colonies. Reaching the hidden mold requires demolition, which can disturb moldy materials, releasing them into the air. Such an outcome is undesirable since mold can cause health effects. SERVPRO prevents that by using different preventive measures when resolving black mold damage.

The steps that we take to resolve the situation and protect people include:

  • Mold inspection
  • Mold remediation
  • Mold removal

Before taking any remedial step, we try to establish how far the mold colonies spread around the property. Pinpointing the affected areas can limit the level of teardown within the property. Our SERVPRO technicians use different techniques for this, including tracing hidden moisture with thermal cameras and drilling small exploratory holes.

On establishing the level of infestation, setting up containment barriers is a priority to ensure any disturbed materials do not spread to the rest of the structure. We use 8-mil plastic sheets and metal bars to contain the areas we need to clean. 

After containment, our technicians use various approaches to clean affected areas, including:

  • Damp wiping
  • Wire brushing
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Soda blasting

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell looks for mold remediation solutions that provide long-term results. Call us at (208) 466-5000 when you need help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Need Fast Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Nampa? – Call SERVPRO

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup and restoration to Nampa warehouses and other structures

Water & Fire Damage Cleanup in Nampa

Commercial businesses in Nampa rely on many partners to help them run their business operations from day-to-day. Delivery and shipping, suppliers, local utilities, and government all come together to enable efficient operations. When there is a fire, another essential local Nampa partner is SERVPRO!

SERVPRO partners with local Nampa companies to provide Fire Damage restoration 24 /7 and are typically onsite in less than four hours from your initial call. We understand how important it is for your company to return to normal operations after a fire. We follow our proven fire restoration plan, which includes:

  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup Plan
  • Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarps provided (if needed)
  • Remove moisture and dry structure and contents
  • Smoke residue and Soot Removal from All Surfaces
  • Cleaning and Repair
  • Fire Restoration

Elapsed time is of the essence, not only for your business but also the faster we can remove smoke and soot from surfaces, the easier and less time-consuming it is. Call us immediately for a prompt response.

Call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell for Fire Damage restoration in Nampa and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (208) 466-5000.

Seeking Assistance after Water Damage in Your Brewing Business?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage done to your business is a drag. Call SERVPRO and let their techs handle the job for you.

SERVPRO Helps Manage Moisture Issues in All Nampa Establishments 

In Canyon County, Idaho, Nampa is the largest City. It is also the 3rd most populous urban center in the state. The story of the City's development is fascinating since there was nothing unique about the area in the formative stages. It was one of the scattered rail towns that developed after the Oregon Short Line Railway connected Huntington, Oregon, to Granger, Wyoming. Such towns were spread out every 10 to 15 miles along the rail tracks. 

The rail track was popular since it provided a safer route for emigrants heading east. The origin of the City's name is a bit hazy, but it was not uncommon for the stations along the track to have unusual names. Most were associated with the Native American inhabitants in the area. For instance, the name Nampa is associated with the Shoshoni Indian word 'namb' that means 'moccasin' or 'footprint,' which is appropriate because, during the cold season, Indians in the region were known to stuff their moccasins leaving larger than usual footprints. 

Love-hate Relationship with Alcohol

James McGee, Alexander, and Hannah Duffes are recognized as the top contributors in the City's founding when they established the Nampa Land and Improvement Company in 1886, divided and sold lots to people who wanted to establish businesses. Duffes was very religious. His desire to establish a saloon-free town was so strong that he refused to sell lots to those intending to build saloons earning the town the moniker "New Jerusalem" because of strictness. However, economics prevailed because, by 1888, there were 28 businesses in Nampa, and three were saloons. Even in modern times, laws on alcohol sales have led to some conflict, especially regarding the proximity of businesses selling alcohol to schools and churches, which should be at least 300 feet apart. Ironically, the Duffes home was moved to pave the way for the establishment of a brewery.

Notable Breweries in Nampa

  • Crescent Brewery, a craft brewing facility located on Front Street. It is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and a wide selection of beers.
  • 2C Family Brewing Company specializes in old-world beers. The facility also offers food and snacks such as Chorizo, smoked Brats, and Hot Dogs. Homemade sodas are also available. For people interested in hanging out with family or friends, there is a section for games.
  • Mother Earth Brew Co. Unlike the others, which are strictly local operations, this is a multi-state operation. They have excellent tasting rooms.

How Does SERVPRO Help Breweries after Water Damage

Water leaks affect many businesses and can halt operations or even ruin the reputation proprietors have worked hard to establish over time. Breweries are at a higher risk of damage since considerable amounts of water are used in the brewing processes. According to statistics from the Brewers Association, approximately seven barrels of water are necessary to make one beer barrel.

Typical reasons for water damage in a brewery can range from:

  • Clogged floor drainage
  • High levels of humidity in the air
  • Burst pipes

SERVPRO technicians can help remove standing water from the facility fast. We have powerful equipment, including truck-mounted water extractors. We also help evaluate the property to establish whether there is a humidity problem or whether you have the right pipes to withstand the brewery wastewater's pH levels.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is well suited to resolve water damage on business premises. Call us at (208) 466-5000.

Celebrate Your Great Taste in Nampa

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage can take a toll to a business. Call the professional at SERVPRO for experience needed to mitigate the water damage.

Come to a Nampa Wine and Dine Event on New Year's Eve 

Anyone ready to forget about 2020 and ring in 2021 in the best way possible in Nampa can come to the Season and Taste New Year's Eve Celebration. This venue has a delicious menu to serve up to attendees that they prepare along with a trained chef. There is no alcohol served at the event, but participants may bring their wine or champagne to have with their meal. Tickets can get purchased online or at the door. 

  • Date: December 31, 2020, 
  • Time: 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • The menu consists of beef wellington, crispy Yukon gold mashed potatoes with parmesan & truffles, maple and orange glazed green beans with caramelized cranberries, decadent dark chocolate, and bourbon pecan pie

When local Nampa business properties have commercial water damage, they rely on SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000. The trained and certified technicians arrive quickly and work to make the damage to the property and contents, "Like it never even happened."

Festive Season Begins with Holiday Theater at the Nampa Civic Center.

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

We are looking forward to this years Christmas Musical, Thursday, December 10th. Come enjoy the show with us.

This Year's Christmas Musical "Elf" is Taking Place From the 7th of December to Kickoff Nampa's Festive Season. 

The Nampa Civic Center, on 3rd Street South, has over 28,000 square feet of event spaces, conference rooms and is home to the John Brandt Performing Arts Theater. The Music Theatre of Idaho presents this year's production. It portrays the classic tale of a young orphan mistakenly transported to the North Pole before returning to rejuvenate the Christmas spirit of New York City. The theater production is suitable for all ages and is a great way to rekindle some Christmas excitement ahead of the 25th. Tickets for individual shows are on sale now via the Nampa center box office.

  • Production is showing once daily in the week starting on Thursday, 10th of December, and twice daily on weekends.
  • Season ticket holders for the John Brandt theater can claim their tickets via the box office.
  • Office open hours are between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Businesses in Nampa are at risk of water damage this winter. Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for immediate assistance.

What is the Best Way to Remove Mold From My Nampa Business?

9/27/2020 (Permalink)

Mold can grow in your business without you even knowing. Contact SERVPRO for commercial mold remediation and mitigation services for your property.

SERVPRO technicians have access to state-of-the-art equipment to remove the signs and root cause of commercial mold damage within your Nampa property

The removal of mold is a lofty promise, mainly because it is almost impossible to remove naturally occurring airborne mold spores unless you are in a hermetically sealed environment. Unless the conditions are right for temperature, interior humidity levels, and something to eat, there is no danger of these spores germinating and spreading. A leak within a wall in an employee breakroom or a fire suppression system can create a friendly place for an infestation to start. Once discovered, it is best to get the problem professionally remediated to ensure not only are the existing colonies eradicated, the reason sustaining their existence gets found and corrected.

What Can Commercial Mold Companies Do That I Cannot Do Myself?  

When you need the assistance of commercial mold removal companies in your Nampa business property, it is best not to try DIY methods for stopping the mold, and there are many reasons why including:  

  • Without containment measures, you can accidentally spread spores throughout your building  
  • The use of some solutions such as bleach is corrosive to surfaces and can do more damage while doing nothing about the infestation
  • Mold grows for a reason, and the cause of the mold needs to get identified and repaired 
  • The mold you see may only be the tip of the iceberg for the number of colonies growing within your commercial structure

The SERVPRO techs have not only years of experience and training in mold remediation, but also specific equipment to remove ruined building materials and bring the interior air moisture levels under sustainable levels for the continuation of the mold problem.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 is one of the premier commercial mold removal companies. The trained, certified technicians work to restore your property and contents from any size infestation through the use of their advanced equipment and cleaning methods. 

Click here for more information about Nampa.

How Can a Restoration Service Fix My Water-Damaged Store?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

When you find water damage in your store, contact SERVPRO

Local Nampa Companies, Like SERVPRO, Can Restore Your Business With High-Tech Equipment and Innovative Techniques. 

When a water leak develops and impacts your Nampa business, your first concern is returning it to operational condition as soon as possible.  This process involves limiting damage, preserving vital business records, equipment, and inventories, and making the business safe for both customers and employees.  To do all of this effectively, a service often needs to be capable of removing large quantities of water in a short period of time.  Its workers also need to be skilled in restoring commercial-grade structural elements, equipment, and various business-related materials.  If a service does not have the necessary expertise and equipment to handle your job, it could decimate your business and ultimately lead to its demise.  

What Are the Usual Causes of Commercial Water Damage?

Commercial water damage in Nampa usually results from one or more of a handful of causes.  None of these is extraordinary, so you should anticipate water issues from one of them someday.  With that said, the common things that lead to water leaks are:

  • Storm-damaged roofs
  • Clogged rainwater drainage systems
  • Leaky or ruptured pipes
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment
  • Deteriorated water storage containers

The speed at which a leak can harm your business depends on what causes it.  Ruptured pipes generally cause the most rapid catastrophic damage, while the other causes range in speed and magnitude of impact.  Many leaks are slow and almost unnoticeable until they have already done substantial damage.  It is for this reason that you should have your commercial site periodically inspected for water-related issues.

How Can A Company Like SERVPRO Find Small Hidden Leaks?

As previously explained, smaller leaks often go unnoticed by business owners for months or even years.  These water sources can be more destructive than larger leaks because they usually go undetected until they have already done substantial or even catastrophic property damage.  Therefore, you need to have your business periodically inspected for less noticeable water problems.  When performing these inspections, SERVPRO technicians employ the following state-of-the-art detection tools:

  • Infrared cameras that can visualize leaks through structural elements like walls, baseboards, and ceilings
  • Sensors to identify surfaces and materials affected by water and excess airborne moisture
  • Meters that precisely measure moisture levels in various materials around your home

Some of the issues routine inspections help avert are the gradual warping of wooden structural elements, the rusting and corrosion metallic surfaces, the growth of harmful, smell-producing microbes, and the deterioration of drywall.   

What Specialized Equipment Does SERVPRO Have to Remediate Commercial Water Damage?

As you can imagine, commercial restoration jobs are usually much bigger in magnitude and more complicated than typical residential cases.  They often involve considerably larger structures and volumes of water to be cleaned up, as well as dealing with more complex appliances, systems, and networks.  Some of the high-end equipment SERVPRO technicians employ to handle commercial water damage effectively are:

  • Truck-mounted industrial-strength extractors that can rapidly remove large pools of standing water from expansive commercial structures
  • Advanced air blowers and high-velocity fans to quickly exchange moist air for drier air
  • Powerful, trailer-mounted desiccant dehumidifiers that swiftly dry out interior air and surfaces
  • Commercial-grade low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers that can efficiently condense large amounts of excess moisture out of large commercial buildings
  • Innovative injectidry systems that can remove moisture from hidden and hard-to-reach places in your business

Ultimately, this super gear helps our professionals efficiently dry massive commercial sites, like office towers, large hotels, and big-box stores, in as little time possible.  Some of these tools, because they help maintain interior climates, also enable workers to limit further damage as work is being completed.

Problems related to clean water, unless they are sudden catastrophic events, may not seem like a major concern to business owners, but they can soon morph into business-destroying issues.  It is for this reason that you should always remain vigilant against potential leaks and other water-related troubles.  Part of this attentive mindset is remembering to have your business periodically inspected by water damage remediation experts.  If contacted soon enough, companies like SERVPRO can generally preserve your commercial buildings' structural integrity, limit or prevent the proliferation of harmful microbes, and complete their work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  In doing their work, our skilled technicians save you time and money by first trying to restore whatever they can, rather than merely replacing everything.  

If and when you are ever faced with a leak that threatens your livelihood, remember that there are steps you can take to limit your losses and recover more swiftly.  Call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 if you ever need an inspection or your business experiences water damage.

How Quickly Can I Get Water Out of My Factory?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

Does your business have a water restoration issue? Call SERVPRO of Nampa for the restoration care you need.

For a Rapid, Professional Response, Call SERVPRO for Your Nampa Business

Now that more businesses can reopen, staying open every possible minute in Nampa is more important than ever. A faulty sprinkler or a broken inlet pipe can shut down operations anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks without professional restoration.

It’s Only Water, How Bad Can it Be?

Without professional, commercial, water restoration, a Nampa light industry can lose stock, shelving units, walls, and even structural supports. SERVPRO specialists train extensively to dry the ceilings, floors, and everything in between.

Where Do Your Specialists Start?

As one of our inspectors look over the building with the owner, team members set up exhaust fans in windows and doorways to increase air circulation and reduce the humidity level inside so they can work more efficiently. That includes the following:

  • Installing air movers to generate warm airflow speeds up drying the floors and forces moisture out of drywall and ceiling tiles where it is captured by the exhaust fans for removal from the facility.
  • Setting up more fans around storage racks and tables to dry those surfaces and all items on them.
  • Wiping down everything our specialists can safely reach by hand with cloths, sponges, and mops where needed.

Is there Anything I, and My Employees, Can Accomplish?

In a commercial operation, SERVPRO advises that everyone stay out of the facility until after our response team arrives. Even if the water mostly evaporated, there are still streaks and puddles that can cause people to fall. The only recommendations are to turn off the water to your business or have the utility company do it for you immediately, and then open all the doors and windows possible.

To schedule a service call or for more information on what SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell can do for you and your business, call us at (208) 466-5000 today.

Some Tips to Help You Combat Flood Damage in Your Nampa Hotel

3/8/2020 (Permalink)

Quick action is required when your hotel sustains damage. Contact our certified technicians for effective flood damage remediation efforts.

Cleaning and Drying Flooded Rooms of Your Nampa Hotel

Floods do not always affect the whole main levels of your Nampa hotel, but the rooms that do get affected must receive immediate attention from competent professionals. Because structural assemblies contain numerous construction materials, many areas of your flood-damaged guest rooms must get restored using our advanced technologies, practices, and equipment.

While it might appear from the outside as a flurry of green uniforms and equipment moving in and out of the damaged areas, restoring flood damage to your Nampa hotel rooms is a much more calculated procedure. We strive to determine the spread and migration of the intruding water and work to determine how deeply into these surface materials the moisture has gone before extraction, controlled demolition, and drying efforts begin.

After you have relocated guests away from the rooms and our SERVPRO team has started to assemble containment barriers to limit traffic into the damaged areas, we can focus on several key areas likely to be severely damaged by standing water and contamination.

Floor Assemblies 

Carpets are a high porosity material that can quickly absorb water and moisture, making it difficult to prevent the complete saturation of these layers in the early stages of floodwater exposure. Carpets must get removed to prevent the spread and increased concentration of contamination. If subflooring is unreached by migrating floodwater, it is possible to disinfect these materials and only replace the carpet and padding.

Drywall, Insulation, and Metal Framing 

When the building was first constructed, metal framing became the skeleton of the structure. With flooding infiltrating the guest rooms, wood trim and drywall are among the first surfaces affected in the wall assembly, and moisture can move through materials with higher permeance quickly. Portions of drywall and even wet insulation must get discarded, but metal framing can get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for new drywall to get attached to when rebuilding.

There is much work to be done when floodwaters penetrate portions of your hotel. Even though you can keep the guests from most of these inconveniences when smaller areas get damaged, it is still vital to get back to business as usual as soon as possible. Give our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team a call today at (208) 466-5000.

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Nampa Commercial Property and SERVPRO's Emergency Service to Mitigate Flooding

2/1/2020 (Permalink)

Nampa Knows Icicles and Frozen Pipes!! SERVPRO Knows All About Cleanup and Drying to Keep Your Business in Business!

Freezing Pipes Outside Your Nampa Motel  

Temperature drops outside might not slow down the business rolling into your Nampa motel, but the extreme conditions might have adverse effects on utilities outside of the building. In commercial districts, it is customary for larger water lines to supply service to properties spanning the entire length of the main streets. Freezing and thawing of the ground can cause shifts against these highly pressurized lines, which can cause vertical splits.

Ductile iron, which is still the most commonly installed material for water lines at this time, can be highly sensitive to these ground shifts and burst – leading to flooding damage for Nampa businesses nearby. With twelve and fifteen-inch water lines that can supply most of the demanding areas of the city, a breach on this line is noticeable immediately by substantial water blowing up from the ground. Your nearby motel can be in the path of this migrating water and continue to be at risk for continued losses until the municipality water department can shut down available valves to stop the water flow.

Depending on the layout of your motel, only some of the rooms that are closest to the physical break might be susceptible to invading water damage. This flooding during already extreme temperature drops can present hazardous conditions for your guests, and to make matters worse, the water forced into your property also brings mud, debris, and other potential contaminants as well.

Our SERVPRO professionals must begin cleanup of this damage along with the extraction when we first arrive in force after a scoping of the job to get done. In many cases, this assessment must occur beforehand so that the municipality's insurance company can get involved with comping costs of the restoration to come.

Standing water concerns can get resolved with our gas-powered trash pumps, which can expel the surface water and smaller debris and sediment to the drainage points such as the sanitary sewer system. Muddy carpets might not be salvageable, especially when contamination threats cannot get ruled out entirely. Our team of in-house contractors can help with controlled demolition and replacement of this flooring and other areas of concern.

Freezing temperatures can damage utilities outside of your motel but could bring this muddy water to the doors of some of your guest rooms when pipes break. Our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell technicians can help. Give us a call anytime at (208) 466-5000.

How SERVPRO Determines the Right Commercial Cleaning Method for Businesses in Nampa

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Your office creates an impression of your business. Who wants to sit on dirty upholstry? Call SERVPRO for our Commercial Cleaning Services.

The Science of Identifying Materials When Preparing for Commercial Cleaning in Nampa 

When searching for a reliable commercial cleaning service provider in Nampa, our team’s mastery of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training offers a discernible difference to local businesses. Our managers and technicians understand the science behind safe and efficient cleaning methods, ensuring that we match appropriate techniques and products to the cleaning challenges we face at your commercial property. 

The Importance of Identifying the Composition of the Surface 

When we evaluate your Nampa commercial cleaning needs, one of the essential steps is determining what type of materials we expect to clean. You might think you know the composition of the carpeting and upholstery in your office space. Memory can fade, and our crews know how critical it is to identify whether fibers are synthetic or organic as we prepare to clean thoroughly but without harming materials.  

Natural Fibers  

Natural fibers are prone to shrinkage and color transfer. If cellulosic fibers are present, one challenge to overcome is a tendency toward discoloration or browning. When the SERVPRO team cleans natural fibers, we take the time to pretest the effects of products and methods in an inconspicuous place. We also protect the material cleaned and nearby articles from color bleeding during processing. 

Synthetic Fibers  

Synthetic fibers are not as reactive to different cleaning approaches. Typically synthetic fabrics show favorable results when treated with a wet cleaning method. Ease of care is a selling point for businesses considering synthetic fabrics. 

Hybrid Fabrics 

Blends of several different fibers, both natural and synthetic, create fabrics. These hybrid materials can pose a puzzle for our SERVPRO team as we plan for the most successful cleaning result.  

Fiber Testing  

We perform three tests to identify the types of fibers present in your business space. Once we determine the makeup of the fabrics needing cleaning, we can use our training and experience to select from among the cleaning products and methods we have available. SERVPRO employees remove samples of the fabric or carpet from a hidden place to complete the testing. 

Burn Test 

We train our SERVPRO technicians to evaluate distinguishing characteristics when fiber burns. We observe the type of flame, odor, ash, and smoke to pinpoint the likely fiber. 

Chemical Test 

Applying different chemicals to samples identifies fiber type depending on whether the material dissolves. SERVPRO professionals are aware of which chemicals dissolve particular fibers to confirm the determination. 

Specific Gravity Test 

We place fibers in a container of water and wait for saturation. Only one type of fiber has a specific gravity of less than 1, proving that floating fibers are Olefin, a synthetic. 

Count on the team at SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell to determine how best to clean the fabrics in your commercial building. Whether you need carpet or upholstery cleaning, call (208) 466-5000 with confidence to set up an appointment. 

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We Can Save Your Nampa Office After A Disaster

10/5/2019 (Permalink)

Give our crew a call anytime at (208) 466-5000.

Improving the Appearance of Your Nampa Office After a Disaster

The aesthetic appeal of your business is vital to the retention of clients and the attitude and morale of the workforce hired to your Nampa office. With much of the day spent within the building, an appreciation for the facility’s appearance can help put your best foot forward both with your staff and the customers that need your services. After a disaster, your building can suffer substantial loss effects, but our SERVPRO team can help you to recover.

Commercial cleaning in Nampa businesses involves the qualified professionals of our team and the potent line of cleansing agents, disinfectants, and germicides in our inventory. Our technicians undergo extensive training to become accredited cleaning specialists through the prestigious, standard-setting Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) Because of this training and the hands-on experience, we can offer our customers a fast turnaround that continually seeks to exceed expectations.

Disasters like water and fire losses can present some widespread and destructive symptoms throughout the facility, and more can make it unsafe or unwise to continue operation until the building gets restored. With a full division of IICRC-Certified restoration technicians accredited in every facet of the recovery industry, we can make even widespread losses “Like it never even happened.”

We understand how inconvenient it can be waiting on recovery and restoration to occur, so we have efficient practices that ensure we can clean up residues and remove surface staining. Chemical sponges and select cleaning products can prove vital in addressing specific residues left behind after combustion or smoke effects.

Even without a disaster, we have advanced tools and equipment to help improve the aesthetic appeal of your building. Vandalism like graffiti cannot stand up to abrasive cleaning methods like media and soda blasting, which can be practical approaches to remove the paint without damaging the substrate of the surface beneath it.

Every business needs something different regarding cleaning and recovery, and your office is no different. If you want to improve the look and feel of your business, our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team can help. Give our crew a call anytime at (208) 466-5000.

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Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Nampa? Call SERVPRO!

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO provides commercial cleaning services? Call us today for more information!

How Using Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Nampa Saves Time and Money and Keeps You Focused

You opened your Nampa business to pursue a passion, providing goods or services to other businesses and the general public. Unless your endeavor is a cleaning business, hiring a cleaning staff can be one of the more counterproductive choices you can make. Consider making a change and hire us to set up a cleaning schedule while you concentrate on what you know best. 

Avoid Investing in Expensive Cleaning Equipment 

The commercial cleaning industry in Nampa and elsewhere rely on industrial-grade cleaning equipment, supplies, and products. Purchasing the hardware ties up money you could be using for your research and development or for attracting qualified individuals to work with you in your industry of choice. Maintenance and storage of the often bulky and unattractive equipment is another drain on your space and budget. 

Limit Human Resource Distractions 

Hiring, training, and paying for benefits for your in-house cleaning crews are not insignificant expenditures of money or your time. To ensure the proper completion of cleaning jobs, you or another of your management staff need to supervise the work. Someone in your business must become a cleaning expert, taking their attention away from your core mission. Sick time, vacations, workers compensation issues, hiring, firing, mediation of disputes for a cleaning staff all become essential functions and obligations. 

Hiring an Outside Contractor Permits Scaling Up and Down 

Depending on your industry and climate, there may be times of the year when your need for commercial cleaning ramps up or becomes less intense. Using our services permits you to purchase the services you need when you need them rather than contemplating laying off staff or hiring temporary help as your requirements change.

Researching New Products and Keeping Up with Regulations 

Let our dedicated team find better ways of delivering high-quality cleaning services. Environmentally friendly options must comply with applicable codes and regulations, and we are always in the vanguard of these changes. Evolving tools, cleaners, disinfectants, and more can be beneficial, and we pledge to keep you informed without you spending your precious time doing the research. 

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell offers high-quality cleaning services to businesses who prefer to focus on what they know best. Call us at (208) 466-5000 to discuss your cleaning needs and start work on a quote.

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Get Rid of Fire Damage In Nampa For Good

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your Nampa business be overcome by water damage. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Shoe Stores with Commercial Water Damage in Nampa Need Cleanup, Repairs, and Restoration of Floors

The fit of someone' shoes affects how they walk, their posture, and also their confidence. Providing customers in Nampa with high-quality shoes and boots means potential buyers want to try out different pairs of footwear before they decide to buy something. Shoe stores choose flat, low-pile carpet making it easier to feel how a pair of shoes genuinely fit when walking. Ripples and bubbles in the carpet can affect customer and employee safety, as well as your profits.

When wrinkled areas on the floor put customers and employees at risk of tripping, it might indicate that your shoe store in Nampa has commercial water damage. This type of damage can stay hidden under different circumstances, only to affect increasingly larger areas. When different materials come into contact with water that slowly seeps from an area and into another, it often leads to the discovery of older damage. 

When pipes leak onto floors, carpets can end up with thinned-out portions of padding, and the carpet fibers themselves can stretch, especially in high-traffic areas. Moisture can also spread within the components of the flooring, and as it evaporates into the air, it passes through the pad and then the carpet. Soiling increases the amount of damage, of course, so proper maintenance in the past can decrease the severity of destruction experienced.

SERVPRO's team can handle water damage involving your floors. We handle not only carpeting, but our specialists are also skilled in four other types of flooring repair and installation. Tile, linoleum, wood, and marble floors all require professional care from time to time. When your store's walking surface becomes damaged from lost water, our experts can provide you with trusted guidance gained from preparing for certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).   

When business owners need aspects of their retail shop or storage facilities restored, our building services can decrease the time involved. Water damage can take a toll on any building's interior and its contents. Relying on a company that can handle all facets of the necessary work reduces many of the negative aspects involved in getting a shop's condition how you want. 

When water damage affects your shoe store and ruins flooring, walls, or other areas leading to safety issue and lost profits, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000. Our highly trained and skilled team is always ready, 365 days a year, day or night.

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The Short Answer for a Good, Clean Commercial Space in Nampa is SERVPRO

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Commercial Cleaning in Nampa Impresses Both Clients and Their Clientele!

What Guarantees Good Results from Commercial Cleaning in Nampa?

Whether it is a loss event or higher than usual activity that leaves your Nampa retail outlet dirty, there is a need to clean it properly to continue serving your customers as usual. The vast areas requiring cleaning and the presence of different surface materials including terrazzo, granite, carpets, and tiles can complicate the cleaning process. We offer professional commercial cleaning services that not only leave your premises sparkling but also protect the materials used in different sections.
The need to get fast results from commercial cleaning in Nampa can hamper the outcome because different cleaning aspects may not get enough attention. Such issues usually affected cleaning services with limited resources in the form of training, equipment, and workforce. Our SERVPRO technicians use sophisticated equipment including multi-surface scrubbers, steam cleaners, and power washers to remove soiling from different surfaces faster creating an opportunity to focus on areas that require additional time such as stain removal. We can offer a one-time deep cleaning or an on-going scheduled service, even off- hours, to maintain your commercial property looking neat and clean.
Some of the soils or the cleaning agents used when cleaning up premises can leave undesirable odors for the workers or customers that patronize the premises. While most of the odors disappear over time, it might be advisable to take control measures for the comfort of your customers and staff. Our SERVPRO technicians can help through deodorization. We can mask any irritating smell if we expect it to disappear naturally over time. In most cases, we use time-release beads with a sweet scent. We can also use deodorizing agents that combine with odor particles and neutralize them.
Cleaning up retail outlets can leave several areas wet, or increase the relative humidity levels, which can harm your products or cause mold development. Our SERVPRO technicians take various steps to control moisture. We use moisture detection devices such as moisture sensors to check moisture levels in different materials. We also use drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.
In case you want to clean up your store, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell to help you get the right outcome. You can reach us at (208) 466-5000 any time.

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Call Us When Your Commercial Property In Nampa Requires Professional Cleaning Services

4/13/2019 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000.

A Time Efficient Solution To Commercial Cleaning In Nampa

There may be times as a commercial property manager when the breadth and scale of cleaning task go beyond your in-house janitorial team. Many businesses choose to outsource these jobs to a professional provider to guarantee a thorough, professional and timely service. We operate locally with a team of dedicated technicians who are experienced in dealing with larger commercial projects.

The team is capable of carrying commercial cleaning in Nampa properties using a range of different cleaning agents and techniques. You can contact us using our twenty four hour line to request a service. Depending on the size of your property, we can then send you a team of professional cleaners headed by an experienced commercial project manager who communicates with you every step of the way.

Over time, a property begins to show natural signs of wear and tear. These could include damages to paintwork, or the buildup of grime or bacteria in tight to reach areas. SERVPRO provides technicians with a full range of cleaning agents including biocides, sanitizers, and anti-microbial treatments. These not only remove residual dirt but can also guard against expensive secondary damages like mold growth.

Working quickly to sanitize a property can also have a positive effect on odors. This is not always the case, but SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCT) are adept at finding the source of an odor and removing from the property. Once we have tackled the source, we can treat surfaces with deodorants and use thermal fogging equipment to neutralize any remaining particles.

After fogging a structure, we can create an open system by allowing air from outside to be exchanged with indoor air. Using rapid air-movers can help to speed up the process creating a clean, natural indoor environment. Throughout service, your crew chief can create an itinerary of works carried out and answer any questions you may have.

Professional cleaning is a time efficient solution for your commercial property. Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000.

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Professional Cleaning Is Beneficial To Your Office Building In Nampa

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Give our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell professionals a call today at (208) 466-5000.

Regular Upkeep And Cleaning For Your Nampa Office Building

While many might recognize the need for professional cleaning or restoration after a disaster or emergency has damaged their Nampa office building, that same level of care and consideration can go into ongoing scheduled cleanup and upkeep for your facility as well. Our professionals have unique training and equipment designed to improve the efficiency of our restoration work, and these same tools can prove instrumental in keeping your business in top form.

While there are many facets to examine when it comes to cleaning your Nampa office building, there are some areas of this upkeep that could benefit from our advanced techniques and equipment. While you no doubt have a custodial staff on hand to contend with small spills and general cleaning duties, our SERVPRO team can offer efficient and effective cleaning ranging from your carpets to your HVAC system.

Carpet cleaning is often one of the most sought after cleaning services that we provide because it does not take long for this flooring in your facility to get soiled and compromised. Even with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, the fibers of the carpet can still act as a magnet for debris, dust, contaminants, germs, and other particulates. The only effective method of cleaning these areas is through penetrative machines like steam cleaners and dry cleaning efforts.

In the same way, our SERVPRO team can offer this same type of dry cleaning to restore the appearance and vibrancy of office furniture, drapery, and other fabrics that make up the décor of the office space.

Our services can even get scheduled around your operating hours so that our efforts do not intrude on your productivity. You can secure our services on an as-needed basis or as an ongoing scheduled upkeep routine depending on the needs of your facility.

While many consider restoration companies to be vital after an emergency has occurred, many can also benefit from the same cleaning and professional result of our training and advanced equipment to maintain the appearance of their business. Give our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell professionals a call today at (208) 466-5000.

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services Can Save Your Nampa Tool Shop

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

After an accident involving solvents or other strong chemicals, tool shop employees in Nampa need to stay safe.

Commercial Cleaning Professionals Keep Your Nampa Tool Shop's Employees Focused On Productivity

After an accident involving solvents or other strong chemicals, tool shop employees in Nampa need to stay safe. Such chemicals can cause severe health effects in employees who inhale vapors or come into contact with residues. Cleaning spills up quickly protects your equipment, also. Our multiple IICRC certifications prepare our employees for various settings and situations.

Commercial cleaning services in your Nampa factories can be beneficial. Regular cleaning of equipment can extend the lifespan of expensive machinery. Cleaning services are especially beneficial when small spills and splashes occur regularly on equipment and machines.

Many machines create fine dust and shavings during their operation. We can remove this debris from the interior environment and improve the air quality your employees breathe. Air scrubbers quickly pull the dust out of the air, which protects your employees and also helps keep interior parts on machines from wearing down at a slower rate than they might otherwise experience.

Regular cleaning of areas between stations can also track debris, oil, and chemicals from one location to another. Just like we use specialized agents to cut through spills, we can do the same with your floors. Clean floors and other surfaces reduce the possibility of slips and falls as well as increasing overall worker safety. Safer conditions keep production levels high and decrease the number of lost hours.

SERVPRO makes it easy to customize our cleaning services to your company's specific needs and time constraints. We discuss specific needs and care of your equipment and how we can best help you maintain everything. Regular cleaning of your restroom facilities, break room, meeting areas, office spaces, and other areas also require ongoing cleaning.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell wants to help you improve your business by providing you with the services that can help you maintain clean and healthy conditions throughout your facility. Call us at (208) 466-5000 to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals at improving safety and indoor environmental conditions.

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SERVPRO Can Help You Recover From A Commercial Cleaning Emergency To Your Nampa Store

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Our experts provide a full range of services to our customers, and your repeat business allows us to make a tailored schedule that meets your needs.

How Commercial Cleaning Professionals Can Help Protect Your Nampa Store From Developing Problems

Running a store of any kind requires employees, inventory, and a stable customer base. Your building in Nampa also requires upkeep and proper maintenance. When your building is large, keeping track of everything that takes place can become a job of its own. Many businesses prefer to hire outside assistance for such work. Doing so ensures that maintenance continues regardless of busy holiday seasons, employee overturns, or other emergencies.

Business owners in Nampa who want to simplify everything by ensuring employees tend to the store's business while still making sure things are well-maintained typically opt to have a professional commercial cleaning service. SERVPRO's professionals provide high value for the money invested because we also hold IICRC certificates in many restoration and mitigation services. When situations in your store develop that eventually require restoration later, our employees know that bringing this to your attention can save your company from significant losses and expenses.

Our experts provide a full range of services to our customers, and your repeat business allows us to make a tailored schedule that meets your needs. We also provide regular cleaning services of carpets and wood flooring, walls and ceilings, windows and doors, heavy curtains and window blinds, and shelving, other services can help keep your business running smoothly.

Air quality is a crucial aspect of indoor occupancy. Keeping your HVAC system clean and running efficiently can help keep customer satisfaction high, as well as employee morale. After a fire or other odor-producing crisis, having a thorough cleaning usually follows. Cleaning up after a disaster, including your air system, happens much more quickly when you already know whom to call. A fast recovery also increases your chances of surviving such a disaster.

Vandalism is also on the increase in many areas. When your store sustains an assault like this, our professionals can quickly undo the damage, regardless of how offensive. Other dangerous situations, like flooding or sewer backups, can cause your store to close immediately. Until someone eliminates the hazard, your store cannot reopen. We can make sure the time your doors must remain close is as short as possible.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell can provide all of the cleaning services your business needs. We work with our customers to provide detailed and specialized services, on their schedule, to make running a business that much easier. Call our crew to discuss how we can help you. Our number, (208) 466-5000, is always available, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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Better Understanding Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Nampa Firm

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

If you find your own Nampa facility facing these same concerns, it might be wise to consider cleaning services from our professionals at SERVPRO.

Understanding Commercial Cleaning Services

Your Nampa firm has a staff of individuals intended to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of the building that you run. Sometimes, the scope of the work that needs to happen is out of their abilities, or the situation has compounded to the point that choosing professional services to assist in the efforts can be more cost-effective and time friendly.

If you find your own Nampa facility facing these same concerns, it might be wise to consider cleaning services from our professionals at SERVPRO. SERVPRO offers a wide range of options tailored to what you need and can get the job done quickly and thoroughly. It could be beneficial to understand the wide range of this branch of our restoration company so you can better appreciate how it can benefit your office.

Many times, your maintenance department does not have the equipment or expertise to keep up with the HVAC system going through your entire building. From the center of this network at the appliance itself, through a maze of ductwork and air shafts, a buildup occurs. Over years of operation, these ducts can get matted with dust, debris, dirt, contaminants and even bacteria. Our SERVPRO professionals have the tools and expertise to clean out these ducts, allowing them to work better and potentially save you money on utility bills as well.

Carpet cleaning is another aspect that your janitorial staff might not have the tools or expertise to do on their own. While they can keep up with the recommended daily maintenance of these areas, deep cleaning the carpets themselves requires specialized equipment, not to mention the expertise to understand what kind of cleaning best suits the carpets you have in various areas of your firm.

These two examples are just the beginning of the kind of work that our experienced SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell cleaning and restoration technicians can do. If you find yourself overwhelmed with any aspect of upkeep in your facility, never hesitate to give our rapid response team a call today at (208) 466-5000.

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Fire Damage To Rental Housing In Caldwell

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Caldwell Rental Complexes Get Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration from SERVPRO--FAST

The SERVPRO Team Offers High-Quality Cleanup and Restoration After a Fire, Smoke, and Water Damaging Event

A fire in any Caldwell business presents troubles, but when the structure affected is a rental property you as the landlord have enhanced responsibilities to the tenants. Every moment that your renters cannot call the unit you leased them home means a drop in your income and perhaps a cost to you if you must move them to temporary housing. Our trained crews, effective cleaning products, and specialized equipment help with restoration after a fire.
When fire damages an apartment complex in Caldwell, fast action is necessary for the safety of the tenants and the security of the building. If roofs or exterior walls sustained damage, the premises must be secured with boards or tarps to protect from the elements. Water damage, common as a side-effect of firefighting efforts, needs immediate attention as water damage can be even more devastating than that due to fire itself. It can also prove to be a slip and fall hazard and threatens all with electrical shock if the power is still engaged. Our crews can manage both water and fire damage with expertise.
Your tenants have urgent concerns, so it is crucial for you to arrange for SERVPRO management to assess the scenario as soon as the authorities release the property. After an inspection, we devise a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of returning the rental units to preloss condition. Our crew secures the property and then begins to work through the list of tasks directly. SERVPRO service vehicles stock equipment and products that extract water, dry structures, and clean a wide range of charred and smoke and soot damaged surfaces.
As the restoration proceeds, we work closely with your insurance carrier and any policy you renters might hold. We also make arrangements to inventory and pack out possessions to clean and keep them safe during recovery efforts. SERVPRO technicians train not only in cleaning and restoration but also in accurate bookkeeping methods that preserve a chain of command for the possessions of one or more households of tenants displaced during fire damage restoration. Our CCIS documents non-salvageable items in a concise catalog to simply claims.
SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell offers a range of fire damage reclamation services for landlords and their tenants in the aftermath of a blaze. Call immediately at (208) 466-5000 to get the process moving, calming the fears of your renters and protecting property for all.

Our fire department is right here.

Commercial Water Damage Affects Building Structure And Places Inventory At Risk In Caldwell

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Caldwell area retailers know that fire and floods can both damage a building quickly, but both leave water behind.

Commercial Water Damage

Caldwell area retailers know that fire and floods can both damage a building quickly, but both leave water behind. Leaks in plumbing and roofing can do the same.

Businesses in Caldwell do not need to become saturated visibly before commercial water damage takes place. Small amounts of water can also create problems by matting insulation down compactly, which causes it to lose its ability to perform well.

Electrical components can become compromised and dangerous to use when even slight amounts of moisture accumulate inside. When power fluctuates or fails altogether, staying open during regular business hours becomes difficult. Not only does it create safety issues for your customers, but on-duty employees risk increased injuries.

At SERVPRO, we take preserving the integrity of other businesses very seriously. Without your presence, our economy suffers and becomes less diverse. Keeping the buildings in excellent shape within our local communities helps gain the outside commerce that additionally strengthens our area. Our technicians can mitigate water damage wherever it occurs in your retail business, and help ensure that such loss does not reoccur in the future.

We use infrared imaging devices to help detect the smallest amounts of water that can remain present from minor leaks. These identify the presence of water because of the changes in temperature. Other devices designed to detect the presence of moisture assist us during the drying process, so we can more easily determine our progress. Steadily removing the humidity can prevent water damage from becoming too severe.

If water damage already exists, mitigating it should begin immediately. It can only become worse with time, as many property owners often discover after waiting to start mitigation of the damage. Increased costs as well as lengtheir closures to repair the additional damage often follow a decision to wait 'until a better time.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell can help your business through prevention of commercial water damage after an incident involving water, help you discover where undetected water intrusions take place and mitigate any amount of damage present. Helping determine losses for insurance purposes include your building, equipment and supplies, and your inventory. Call us at (208) 466-5000 for assistance that can help make everything "Like it never even happened." and get your business back on track quickly.

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Prepare For Water Removal Emergency At Your Nampa Business

3/28/2018 (Permalink)

For Rapid Water Removal and Mitigation in Nampa Businesses Rely on SERVPRO's ERP Plan

SERVPRO Provides the ERP Plan to Prevent or Mitigate Water Damage

Nampa is growing steadily as a residential area to the west of Boise, with new infrastructure and businesses supporting this growth. Business owners enjoying the boom reap the benefits of their research and planning. One variable a company might not have yet considered is water disaster readiness. We can help businesses ready themselves and then implement the water abatement plan if the worst happens.
It is hard to imagine the need for water removal when you first move your Nampa company into a new or remodeled space. Water incursion is unpredictable and can be devastating when it happens to your business. Fast, targeted action is necessary from our trained technicians to minimize the damage when water intrudes. We can provide this customized response if you work with ahead of time.
SERVPRO professionals not only offer help when a catastrophe happens, but we also are eager to assess your property for potential problem areas if a pipe bursts or appliances malfunction. Our Emergency READY Plan and Profile (ERP) includes a no-obligation evaluation by one of our experienced project managers. We review your physical plant, including public and private areas. Based on our training and years in the business we suggest ways to safeguard essential documents and crucial equipment from water damage. Other recommendations are offered to protect your business and improve our response should a water loss occur.
You then use our mobile app to designate those among your staff who can make decisions if you are unavailable during a disaster. Note SERVPRO as the recovery company you prefer, and list vendors and other contractors who have vital information to assist during a water removal scenario. You locate the utility shut-offs and rank your restoration priorities so that we can begin work immediately and safely after notification.
Putting an ERP in place ensures that water removal proceeds quickly. Our equipment is second to none, efficiently pumping and suctioning standing and lingering moisture. Once the water evacuates, we position drying tools such as air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Because we viewed the property before the event, we know where to find hidden pockets of water and have a plan to manage that complication. Preparedness saves time and money and protects your business property from the progressive effects of saturation. Removing water fast halts the deterioration and avoids secondary issues like mold damage.
Proactive business decisions include devising a disaster management plan with SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell. We look forward to partnering with you. Call (208) 466-5000 to start the process.

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Faulty Sprinkler Systems Can Create Water Damage To Your Nampa Clothing Store

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

Sprinkler systems in your store can be life saving in case of emergency but they can also fail leaving you with water damage. Contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Assess and Remediate Damage at Your Business Facility

Aging sprinkler systems that are networked throughout the building you use as a clothing store might seem like they were built to last forever, but that is rarely the case. While it is true that antifreeze is often used in these pipes to keep them from freezing over several years of not being used, there are other factors at play that could jeopardize the integrity of the piping throughout your Nampa clothing store.

As water sits in a pipe (in this case for years at a time), the molecules within the water are continually looking for something to create a reaction. With a primary material like ductile iron, water does not have travel far to be able to get a reaction from the iron. Over time, the water molecules create enough of a reaction to weaken the integrity of the pipe from the inside out. Since this volume of water is under pressure and tied to an unending supply of fresh water, even a small break can leave considerable commercial water damage to your Nampa store.

If this rupture happens after hours, it can leave untold amounts of water pouring out onto the affected area. Given that your clothing store gets split into either a sales floor or a storeroom, either one could have equally damaging financial implications for your business. Contacting our SERVPRO team is a wise decision to help you mitigate your losses and restore the damage to keep your business going strong.

With the highly pressurized water coming in from the ceiling plumbing network for the sprinkler system, the first objective is to turn off that water and prevent further damages. Extraction is the next step to follow, and this can typically get accomplished with the use of portable pumps and vacuums. Provided that our SERVPRO technicians were able to reach the site shortly after the break occurred, drying should be one of the final steps to the restoration process. A thorough assessment of potential structural damage along with the damage to stock and contents guides the team in what actions to take beyond these primary steps.

Time is of the essence when you have a water emergency in your store. Give SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell a call whenever disaster strikes and we can help. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 at (208) 466-5000.

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Commercial Water Damage Can Turn a Caldwell Family Restaurant into an Eyesore

12/14/2017 (Permalink)

A clean environment is key to the success of your business, rely on SERVPRO to restore your restaurant "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Business After Water Damage

You know how important it is to the success of your restaurant in Caldwell to create an atmosphere that sends the message that your restaurant serves quality food by a hardworking waitstaff in a clean and wholesome setting. All three elements require your constant attention.

A deficit in any of these attributes can harm your Caldwell restaurant, but commercial water damage affecting the interior of your establishment poses unique issues and concerns. You can quickly change menu items or work around problems affecting waitstaff, but when your building starts showing issues caused by water and moisture, patrons notice quickly.

Because water damage takes many different forms, each business can expect to suffer unique circumstances, particular to their building's construction and the source of the water creating the damaging effects. Water that came in during a flood differs significantly from water from a leaky roof. Kitchen appliances, in addition to sinks and drains, can also permit water to enter areas that should stay dry.

Regardless of the type of water damage that your restaurant contains, SERVPRO's technicians can help. From stripping paint and cleaning grungy spots to repainting walls and trim, we restore water damaged areas more easily than some other places. Water can bring about substantial problems to wood of all types and grades, finished or unfinished. When stagnant water accumulates long enough, even treated lumber can become affected and deteriorate.

Removing wood and other damaged materials prepares your restaurant for repairs and any needed reconstruction. However, mitigation of water damage before it reaches this point saves significant time and money, so its importance makes it a priority. It is impossible to determine precisely how water might damage any building in the future, making preventative measures crucial. Damages might remain slight, or become extreme.

When water damage affects the environment in a restaurant, you can expect the dining experience of your patrons to suffer. Water often creates a humid environment, along with a musty, distinct odor. Both can affect diners' experiences without any visible signs of water damage.

Our goal is to restore each business with water or other kinds of damage, so it is “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell can be reached at (208) 466-5000 24 hours every day of the year. Our round-the-clock service ensures a timely response by caring professional and IICRC-certified technicians who can provide the services your restaurant requires.

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Professional Water Removal For Nampa Care Center

8/10/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Water from Facilities in Nampa with No Disruptions

Trust SERVPRO for Minimal Disruptions to Water Damaging Events

Plumbing fails without regard to the essential uses of a building in Nampa. When vulnerable individuals live in a building that suffers flooding from a broken pipe, speedy removal of the water is of the utmost importance. SERVPRO has exceptionally qualified workers who are fully trained to use our up to date equipment to remove water fast before the residents come to any harm.
A broken water main in the dining hall necessitates emergency water removal in the Nampa memory care home you manage. The patients depend on a calm and structured environment for optimal health and well being. You need a water removal and restoration service that combines compassion with efficiency to minimize disruption to the routine. We offer both swift action and careful attention to the details that keep your residents safe and soothed while we work.
SERVPRO crews often respond to water removal emergencies, so just a quick assessment of the situation and layout is needed before the process begins. Our truck-mounted submersible pumps move the water out of the affected areas. Any carpeting is managed. Next, heavy-duty water extractors operated skillfully by our team members, pulling the moisture out without stretching or ripping the carpets. Air movers and dehumidifiers take over the job of removing the rest of the wetness, always following the drying goals established when we took readings of the air humidity and the moisture levels in floors and walls.
The tile floors of the memory unit respond well to the removal techniques. SERVPRO workers look for any hidden areas of water retention because mold can grow out within 24 to 48 hours of the plumbing fail event. Because of the various health conditions of the memory care center’s residents, it is crucial that microbial activity is avoided. Our team applies professionally developed antimicrobial agents to the surfaces saturated with water to make certain that mold spores do not find an easy pathway to growth. The relatively clean water comprising the floor and our fast response make mold growth unlikely.
SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is a committed member of our community, and we are ready to help 24 hours a day. A call to our staff at (208) 466-5000 sends a fully equipped emergency team to your care facility as soon as possible to remove water and restore the premises.

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Emergency Water Damage in Downtown Caldwell Historic District

10/6/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Nampa Caldwell on the Scene of a Commercial Water Damage in the Downtown Caldwell Historic Preservation District

SERVPRO of Nampa Caldwell was called to the scene of a commercial emergency water damage restoration in Downtown Caldwell. The loss occurred near the Farmer’s Market, in the Caldwell Historic Preservation District. A broken pipe flooded all nine rooms in the basement of a historic office building, occupied by several local businesses. The City of Caldwell called us out to the scene. We arrived within an hour of receiving the call and began extracting immediately to stop the progression water and prevent further water damage. Once the extraction was complete and non-salvageable floor materials were removed, the businesses were able to resume operations partially, for which they were grateful.

Water damage restoration in older buildings can be tricky. The materials from which they were constructed, such as plaster and composite tile flooring, can be difficult to dry and laden with asbestos. It requires knowledge of specialized structural drying techniques. SERVPRO of Nampa Caldwell is certified by the IICRC in Applied Structural Drying. We are trained, equipped and experienced to handle large, complex commercial drying jobs in any structure: new, old, or unique in any way. We will begin the job immediately and work night and day, holidays and weekends, to get your business back up and operating as quickly as possible. An immediate response with the best equipment and training available is critical, and those are the hallmarks of SERVPRO of Nampa Caldwell’s Commercial Division.

Many businesses are not prepared for a property damage emergency, which can result in a serious disruption or interruption of their operations. In fact, almost 50% of businesses fail in the event of a significant fire or water damage emergency, because they have failed to plan. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation, and SERVPRO has developed a simple way to have an Emergency Ready Plan for your business or commercial property in the palm of your hand at that critical moment. We will help you to download our Ready Plan App to your mobile device and enter detailed information about your property, including photographs. By having this information organized and readily available before an event occurs, you can minimize business interruption with an immediate plan of action.

Our Ready Plan App and our services to assist you in gathering and uploading the information are free of charge. So call SERVPRO of Nampa Caldwell to arrange for our Customer Service Representative to come out and meet with you to set up your Emergency Ready Plan today, at 208-466-5000