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3-D Animal League at the Nampa Bow Chiefs Shooting Range

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew ready to go. Properties in Nampa with water damage needs the help of a professionals. Call SERVPRO and their team for the service you need.

Experience the Thrill of Bow Hunting Virtually at the Nampa 3-D Animal League 

The 3-D animal league organized by the Nampa Bow Chiefs archery club is a periodic event for archery lovers. The club offers outdoor and indoor shooting ranges for people to have fun or hone their shooting skills. 3D shooting creates a dynamic aspect that increases the challenge and thrill of shooting than using regular targets. The Archery club caters to people of all ages interested in bow hunting and target shooting. 

If interested in exploring the sport, you can visit the Bow Chiefs facility on January 29th, 2021, for some archery games. Some highlights of the event include:

  • Shooting sessions last for two and a half hours
  • The number of shooters is limited to 20 per session because of COVID-19 safety precautions
  • Participants must book a spot ahead of the event date
  • Archery games for prizes organized after the league

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell performs water mitigation exercises in Nampa properties after accidental intrusions. Call us at (208) 466-5000 to start extraction, drying, and other restorative procedures in time.

Ease Flood Removal from Nampa with Help from Local Mitigation Service

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Nampa Idaho seal SERVPRO has a wide range of services when it comes to flooding. No job is to big or small for us.

SERVPRO has the Resources to Handle Challenging Processes during Flood Removal in Nampa Properties

Nampa is an impressive city known for its prosperous food processing, manufacturing, and agribusiness companies. It is situated on the western tip of the state of Idaho, about 20 miles from Boise. It lies along interstate 84 and is the third-most populous city in the state. It is also part of the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area, which is also known as Treasure Valley. The name was coined in 1959 by Pete Olesen, the president of the valley's chamber of commerce, signifying the treasure chest of opportunities and resources the region offers. It includes various areas, including Boise, Ada, Gem, Canyon, and Owyhee. 

The city started around the early 1880s with the construction of the Oregon Short Line Railroad that runs from Granger, Wyoming, to Huntington, Oregon, passing through Nampa. Other Railroads also passed through Nampa, making it a crucial railroad town. The name Nampa is thought to have originated from a Shoshoni word meaning footprint or moccasin. Shoshoni is a Numic language from the Uto-Aztecan family mostly spoken in the Western United States.

The early settlers referred to their town as New Jerusalem since most of its residents had a strong religious focus. The town was also unique from others started in the same era because its roads ran at right angles to the train tracks, which run in the northwest to southeast direction. In other towns, historic roads were designed facing true North and South. 

Historical Changes in Nampa 

  • Alexander and Hannah Duffes built the first homestead in the railroad town at around 1885. Alexander decided to put up the home while passing through the area to his old home in Canada when he saw the possibilities it presented for developing a town. 
  • After the first home was built, the number grew from 15 to 50 within the first year. 
  • The town was incorporated in 1890. The first elementary school, Lakeview School, was built soon after. After the 100th anniversary of the school, the building housing it was condemned. 

Many people visiting Nampa today might wonder why there is a park named Lakeview, even though there is no lake in sight. However, in the early days, there was a man-made lake that stored water drawn from Mason Creek for irrigation. Lake Ethel was also famous for recreation since residents used to fish, swim, boat, and ice-skate during winters. The lake was initially owned by O.F. Persons but was later bought by E.H. Dewey. However, Dewey had to drain it after occasional flooding led to a series of neighbors' lawsuits. 

Apart from the flooding caused by artificial alterations to the landscape, natural flooding is typical in Idaho. The Boise Valley Great Flood of 1862 was the earliest recorded instance by settlers in Southern Idaho. It covered the entire valley forming a lake, miles wide and stretching from the Northern foothills to the Bench in the south. Such incidents were common annually. Today, most of North Nampa is classified as a floodplain. 

Interesting Places to Visit in Nampa

Although the city is famous for work and business opportunities, it also provides an environment rich in widespread natural beauty, culture, and local history. Some of the sites worth visiting while in town include:

  • Warhawk Air Museum

The unique museum located on Municipal Drive displays planes and various flying memorabilia collected from World War I to the jet era. The museum was set up in 1989 by John and Sue Paul as a tribute to veterans of the two world wars. Over time it has expanded its collections to include items from the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, and Persian Gulf War. Apart from the items on display, the museum also organizes events such as airshows. 

  • Sawtooth Winery

The expansive vineyard and estate started in 1987, provides a perfect opportunity to explore the laid back atmosphere of Treasure Valley. Visitors can taste grapes direct from the vines and the wine they produce. The facility offers general high-quality wines and limited-production club wines. There is a tasting room, and visitors can reserve indoor or outdoor space for events or when visiting as a group.

  • Canyon County Historical Museum

The facility, which features a one-story brick and sandstone building, was a train depot opened in 1903 and operated until 1927 when they converted it to an office for railroad employees. In 1972, it became the headquarters of the Canyon County Historical Society. A visit to the museum gives people a chance to explore local history since most of the exhibits are donations from local families. There are various train-related exhibits, and visitors can explore a restored caboose.

Which Flood Removal Resources Does SERVPRO Offer Nampa Residents?

Property owners need to take decisive action after a flooding incident. Such action should be timely and must address all the problems flooding causes. For instance, floodwaters soil building materials and contents heavily, necessitating thorough cleaning. Extensive contamination, especially of porous materials, necessitates teardown, and rebuilding of some sections of the property. It takes various resources, including equipment and skills, to respond to such incidents. SERVPRO eases the process for Nampa homeowners by handling problems such as:

  • Safe carpet removal and installation since carpets and pad and porous and thus absorb significant amounts of contaminants. Apart from taking the necessary precautions to dispose of the materials safely, SERVPRO technicians also ensure no damage to parts of the structure such as wall plates and door trims during removal.
  • A thorough decontamination of all sections of the property. Since floodwaters contain a cocktail of chemical and biological contaminants, our technicians apply broad-spectrum and EPA-registered disinfectants on all surfaces to neutralize all harmful substances.
  • Drying all materials affected during the flooding incident is essential to prevent microbial growth and bad odors, among other problems. Our technicians have advanced detection equipment to trace moisture migration patterns. We also have sophisticated drying equipment, including LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, as well as cavity drying equipment.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell offers a wide range of mitigation services for Nampa residents seeking flood removal services. Call us at (208) 466-5000 for expedited assistance. 

Celebrate Your Great Taste in Nampa

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Welcome to Nampa, Idaho sign Commercial water damage can take a toll to a business. Call the professional at SERVPRO for experience needed to mitigate the water damage.

Come to a Nampa Wine and Dine Event on New Year's Eve 

Anyone ready to forget about 2020 and ring in 2021 in the best way possible in Nampa can come to the Season and Taste New Year's Eve Celebration. This venue has a delicious menu to serve up to attendees that they prepare along with a trained chef. There is no alcohol served at the event, but participants may bring their wine or champagne to have with their meal. Tickets can get purchased online or at the door. 

  • Date: December 31, 2020, 
  • Time: 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • The menu consists of beef wellington, crispy Yukon gold mashed potatoes with parmesan & truffles, maple and orange glazed green beans with caramelized cranberries, decadent dark chocolate, and bourbon pecan pie

When local Nampa business properties have commercial water damage, they rely on SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000. The trained and certified technicians arrive quickly and work to make the damage to the property and contents, "Like it never even happened."

Need Last-Minute Gifts in Nampa?

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

A collage of different places in Nampa. Leave the fire restoration to the professionals at SERVPRO. We are IICRC certified technicians that have the know how, equipment, and experience.

Find Them At The Nampa Holiday Market 

Nampa residents that need to finish up their holiday shopping can find precisely what they are looking for at the Holiday Market held at the Art Source Gallery. This holiday event represents over 40 different local artists, and attendees can choose from many other handmade mediums, including paintings, sculptures, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, pottery, and blown glass art. Find the perfect pair of earrings or a picture to create fond memories for the gift recipient. The venue asks that visitors observe social distancing and wear a mask per safety protocols. Since 1993 this fine art gallery has made original art both affordable and collectible in the local area. 

  • Date: December 21, 2020
  • Time: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Admission is free 

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 proudly assists local Nampa residents with any size fire restoration services needed. The trained technicians have the experience and equipment to make the damage to the property, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Techs Are Ready to Help Nampa Residents With Flood Damage

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team outside the office. The trained technicians at SERVPRO can mitigate the flood damage to your home. Call them now for the service needed to get you back into your home.

Nampa Properties Can Get Fast Help After Flood Damage From SERVPRO Professionals

Located in Canyon County, Nampa is the largest city in the county. The population is just under 100,000 residents, and it has a growing economy. The Shoshone Indians indigenous to the area are where the city's name came from; the word means "moccasin or footprint" in the native language. 

History of Nampa

As far as cities in the United States go, Nampa started later than many others as it did not exist until the early 1880s when the Oregon Short Line Railroad built tracks from Wyoming to Oregon and passed through the city. As time passed, more railroad lines made this area a hub. This rapid growth led to the town getting incorporated in 1890. In the present, the city has a thriving business center for: 

  • Food processing and agri-business
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology companies 
  • Healthcare-based companies are one of the fastest-growing sectors 

The Direction of Nampa Roads

The roads in Nampa have an unusual feature. Most towns that sprang up in the late 1800s had streets that ran north and south. However, because this city was so important to the railroad, the roads ran perpendicular to the tracks.

The founder of the town, Alexander Duffes, designed the streets to run in this fashion because he was the architect of the streets in Toronto, Canada, and he made the streets run parallel to the tracks, and it caused the deaths of a woman and her two children. The family got killed by a train after their wagon wheel got stuck. This tragedy led to the different layout for the streets in Nampa's region built around railroad tracks. 

The Idaho State School in Nampa

In 1910, a state school and hospital for developmentally challenged children and adults got established. The idea was to create a school, hospital, and farm that would be mostly self-sufficient with higher-functioning residents assisted in other residents' care. The farm on the site got sold and became Centennial and Ridgecrest golf courses. The facility, now over 100 years old, has been updated, and some older buildings get used to house juvenile offenders.

Top Places to Visit in Nampa

The city of Nampa has a large number of historical landmarks that serve as points of interest. The state of Idaho has a foundation that began with the railroad, and there are many restored depots throughout the state. The main one in this city has a unique architecture and was a stop along the Oregon Short Line when that railway was in operation. The depot, built-in 1903, was the reason that the municipality came into being. 

American history buffs will appreciate a visit to a dark part of Idaho history at the Bear River Monument. The Shoshone native Indian inhabitants of the area had several clashes with the settlers in what would later be Nampa. What now looks like a stretch of peaceful farmland was the site of the single worst massacre of Native Americans in United States history. The site has a monument, numerous plaques detailing what led to the event, and a beautiful tree where visitors pay their respects and leave memorials and offerings in honor of the hundreds of slain Shoshoni. The local Shoshone tribe gathers once a year on this spot to remember and pay tribute to their fallen ancestors. 

Military historians and enthusiasts enjoy a visit to the USS Hawkbill. This decommissioned attack sub has a fin that rests just outside of Nampa in Arco. The sub is sometimes referred to as the "Devil's Boat" since it has the number "666." Many people are surprised to learn that nuclear propulsion for submarines began in Idaho, rather than a coastal area of the country. Another frequently touted venue is the Warhawk Air Museum. The museum opened in 1989 and is a place where military aviation history gets preserved and displayed as an educational destination. Many of the vintage planes still fly, and the collection includes: 

  • P-51C Mustang
  • P-40N Warhawk
  • F-86F Sabre Jet
  • MiG-21
  • F-104 Starfighter

Can Furniture With Flood Damage In A Nampa Home Get Restored?

After flood damage hits a Nampa home, the main thing that makes the difference in whether or not an item has restoration potential is the time that elapses between the event and SERVPRO arriving. Although most floodwater recedes as quickly as it enters a home, the migration path of the water can cause it to:

  • Wind up wicked into walls
  • Seeped under flooring
  • Absorbed into the carpet and upholstered furnishings

Furniture with damage from floodwater generally has two primary outcomes: restoration using the proprietary methods used by the SERVPRO techs or disposal with approval from the property owner or adjuster. The technicians carefully inspect water-exposed furnishings and look for signs of absorption, swelling of the joints, cracks, or deterioration in cases of composite wood furniture. 

When the furniture has restoration potential, the techs use air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly remove the moisture and then use wood-specific agents to remove water spots and help seal and protect the wood grain in cases of upholstered furnishings with exposure to water. A good deal of whether it can get restored depends on the type of water the technicians need to handle. If it is rainwater, there is a good chance the piece can get cleaned, dried, and sanitized for reuse. However, if it is groundwater, the article may very well be a loss due to this type of floodwater's toxic nature.

It is impossible to look at a piece and furniture and know that it is dry. The techs use various equipment types, including infrared cameras and probes, to ensure the furniture gets entirely dried before moving on to the final step of the mitigation to prep the furniture for reuse in the home.  

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 is available 24/7 for local properties that need help with the cleanup of flood damage resulting from storms. The trained techs can remove the water and dry the structure to help life return to normal, "Like it never even happened."

Festive Season Begins with Holiday Theater at the Nampa Civic Center.

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

Santa Clause We are looking forward to this years Christmas Musical, Thursday, December 10th. Come enjoy the show with us.

This Year's Christmas Musical "Elf" is Taking Place From the 7th of December to Kickoff Nampa's Festive Season. 

The Nampa Civic Center, on 3rd Street South, has over 28,000 square feet of event spaces, conference rooms and is home to the John Brandt Performing Arts Theater. The Music Theatre of Idaho presents this year's production. It portrays the classic tale of a young orphan mistakenly transported to the North Pole before returning to rejuvenate the Christmas spirit of New York City. The theater production is suitable for all ages and is a great way to rekindle some Christmas excitement ahead of the 25th. Tickets for individual shows are on sale now via the Nampa center box office.

  • Production is showing once daily in the week starting on Thursday, 10th of December, and twice daily on weekends.
  • Season ticket holders for the John Brandt theater can claim their tickets via the box office.
  • Office open hours are between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Businesses in Nampa are at risk of water damage this winter. Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for immediate assistance.

Caldwell Residents Turn Toward the Holiday Season Events From November Through December.

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in driveway Get hands on with DIY gifts this holiday season, while SERVPRO takes care of your homes mold troubles.

This Year the Adult Take & Make Initiative for Caldwell Residents at the local Library

The Take and Make Initiative is a DIY course of hand-made items with a seasonal theme for residents to make their unique gifts this Christmas. Taking place a short distance from Caldwell at the Nampa Library on 12th Avenue, residents can collect supplies to create their arts and crafts. Suitable for adults and children, you can gather ideas from the Creative Bug website and begin working right away. Finished projects can be uploaded for public review with November's creative theme focusing on napkin folding and Pumpkins or Tomatoes' crocheting. Prize draws are available, with winners being selected on the 25th of November.

  • Take and Make is a creative arts course designed to encourage local Caldwell residents to take up new hobbies and skills
  • The scheme works in combination with the Nampa public library and Creative Bug arts & craft website.
  • Monthly winners prize draws take place on the 1st and 25th of each month. 

Musty odors in your home could be a sign of a mold growth problem. Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for applied microbial remediation technicians (AMRT.)

Nampa Residents Can Safeguard their Homes Against Fire By Using Premiere Restoration Services.

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire icon SERVPRO's fire restoration professionals are ready around the clock to assist you with fire remediation services. Call today at (208) 466-5000.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is an Award-winning Local Restoration Company for Residents Experiencing Fire Losses in their Home.

At the heart of Canyon County is Nampa city. With an estimated population of just under 100,000, Nampa is a closely connected community with a big city's opportunities. Since its inception in the late 19th century, we have always been a community that stays close to its roots of agriculture and exports. Today, these two crucial economies remain part of the city, shaping our traditions and culture. A large part of this culture center is on the outdoors, with Castle Rocks State Park's stunning scenic beauty standing out among the mountainous landscape. Outdoors activities for those visiting the Northwestern State include skiing, mountain biking, and relaxing in our natural hot springs. The lakes surrounding Nampa provide a welcome retreat for fishing or motorized water sports.

Every year thousands of Americans make the trip up to Nampa to support the Snake River Stampede Rodeo. Known as one of just ten professional rodeo circuits, this five-day event brings Bullfighters and Barrelman from all over seeking to win the prestigious title and a $450,000 cash prize. This national event kicks off with a parade through Main Street, Nampa, before making its way to the Snake River Rodeo's Ford Idaho Center. While this year's coronavirus restrictions have forced a cancellation, we are sure to be back in 2021 to provide some of the fastest entertainment in Northern America. 

  • Average attendance for the five-day event is estimated at around 60,000 people—almost two-thirds of the city's total population.
  • The rodeo began life as a harvest festival in 1908 but gradually transformed into today's stunning carnival. The first official reports of the current incarnation date back to 1937.
  • Stampede for the Cure is a charitable society set up alongside Snake River Stampede that has donated over $750,000 to breast cancer screenings and cancer awareness training for women in the Treasure Valley.

The Great Nampa of Fire in 1909 

Perhaps the biggest disaster to occur to Nampa in the twentieth century was the downtown fire. The fire source came from a firework that was let off into an entirely wooden cigar shop. In these times, the primary building material was lumber and timber. At the same time, the closely constructed streets allowed flames to spread quickly from 12th Avenue onto Front Street directly opposite the train depot. The blaze occurred just as the town was preparing for the 4th of July celebrations. Within four hours of the first firework being set off, several streets went up in flames. It is estimated that up to half of Nampa's businesses were wiped away by this devastating event. Despite the unfortunate events of the 3rd of July 1909, the community formed a parade to continue celebrating Independence Day, although wisely chose to do so without a fireworks show. 

Things to do in Nampa, Idaho

  • Nampa is full of conservation areas where visitors can enjoy protected wildlife that lives at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Center in Lake Lowell. There are over 200 species of birds that reside in Lake Lowell, while visitors can enjoy extreme water sports and fishing.
  • Treasure Valley is home for some of the most understated wineries in the new world. Thanks to rural irrigation systems and volcanic soil, winemaking has gone from strength to strength in the North West. In 2017, this growing industry was estimated to have had an economic impact of $210 billion. Many wines exported across the world are available locally in our fine-dining restaurants downtown.
  • The municipal drive is home to The Warhawk Museum, which commemorates our armed forces' bravery alongside a collection of military aircraft. As a part of the Library of Congress' The Veteran History Project, this museum runs community-focused events and documents civilians and veterans' contributions through history. 

Food and Drink in Nampa

Our city has a reputation for fresh produce from the hundreds of acres of farmland surrounding us. Among our key highlights are Brick 29 Bistro on 11th Avenue which serves traditional meals elevated by locally-sourced produce and modern cooking techniques. For Asian food lovers, Little Saigon Vietnamese in the Village Square and Hong Kong on 11th Avenue provide authentic cuisine from the South East of Asia. Our regular cycles of hops and barley from the local fields have to lead to a wealth of unique breweries served throughout Nampa. 

  • Crescent Brewery on Front Street has specialized testing rooms and live entertainment every day of the week. 
  • Madison Avenue plays host to the Mother Earth Brewing Company that reopens its tasting rooms, typically running for four to five hours from Thursday through Sunday.
  • Prefunk Beer Bar is situated close to Village Square on 1st street and features its very own microbrewery served to customers directly from the vat.
  • Finding Fire Restoration Companies Near Me in Nampa, Idaho. SERVPRO Offers Round-the-Clock Support to Local Residents. 

Extinguishing a property fire is just the first step in getting back your home. Combusting materials produce thick soots, smokes, and odors that can permeate a property quickly. It can often be a traumatic event sifting through burnt belongings while attempting to clean soot deposits on walls could inadvertently cause further harm. Our fire restoration technicians have a wealth of experience working in properties with the architecture and building assemblies unique to Nampa. We can remove debris from the property, clean and repair your structure, and restore belongings that may recover after fire exposure. 

  • SERVPRO can mobilize air filtration devices as well as powerful odor counteractants to stabilize the indoor air quality of your home and return it to a preloss condition. 
  • Our technicians are nationally qualified and conduct responsible restoration and disposal of goods according to state or federal laws. 
  • We are available twenty-four-hours-a-day and can commit to arriving on-site within four hours of receiving your notification of loss. 

If a property fire damages your home or belongings, contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000.

How Does SERVPRO Mitigate Contaminated Surfaces After a Flood in Nampa?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged home Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for expert flood damage service.

Our Technicians Use a Variety of Proprietary Cleaning Agents to Restore Nampa Homes

No matter where you live, it can flood. Severe weather, torrential rainfall, and even melting snow can cause flooding. When floodwaters rage through Nampa, they invade homes, leaving disaster in its path. Water extraction and cleanup are a primary concern.

How are Homes Affected by Floodwater?
During natural disasters, 90% of the damage is caused by flooding. Floodwater is Category III, meaning it is highly contaminated. Sewage, bacteria, debris, and medical waste can all be found in the water pouring into your home due to flooding. Standing water is not only a biohazard, but the moisture alone can damage structural elements and the contents of the residence. Flood damage in Nampa homes needs professional mitigation.

Decontaminating the Premises
Water extraction and sanitation are dealt with before structural drying begins. Preventing the spread of microbes is an immediate concern. Our EPA-registered proprietary cleaning agents remove contaminants and help with foul odors. We employ the following:
    •    Antimicrobials – These products inhibit microbe growth and development, preventing them from spreading.
    •    Biocides –Chemical agents that mitigate living organisms. Viricides and fungicides are in this group and deal with microbial sanitary concerns.
    •    Disinfectant – Common disinfectants include quaternaries, alcohol, chlorines, and phenols. This class of antimicrobials kills up to 99% of germs.
    •    Sanitizers – Cleaning agents that reduce microbial levels to safe levels.
    •    Sporicides – remediate bacterial growth and fungus. Used for mold.

Contaminated surfaces get treated with the appropriate cleaning agent. As cleanup and restoration move forward, items are re-treated as needed. Our technicians are experts in flood damage control. Our goal is to return your home to preloss condition, if possible.

Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Can Fires Affect the Structure of a Nampa Home?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged interior of a house revealing the inner framework Dealing with fire damage is a tedious job. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and mitigation services for your home.

Housefires Can Cause Extreme Harm to your Nampa Home. SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Services Can Aid the Recovery.

What is structural damage caused by fire?

When a house fire affects your Nampa home, the first materials to combust are likely to be contents or structural components like cabinets or fittings—usually building assembly guards against fire, preventing the heat from affecting the structural frame of the building. In situations where a fire burns long enough, and at a high enough temperature, it can begin to affect the property's structural integrity. Heat damage can lead to charring of the internal structure, but it is usually better to restore these issues than replace load-bearing materials.

How is wood frame restoration conducted?

  • When frames need replacing, we consult a structural engineer or building inspector before performing the necessary tasks.
  • Scraping smoke residues from the frame before installing new wood is essential to preventing odor.
  • After sandblasting or installing a new frame, it is vital to finish the wood with a lacquer or varnish to protect it from future harm.

When is it necessary to replace a structural framework after a property fire?

We endeavor to perform fire damage restoration in your Nampa home before opting for replacing materials. The cost of sourcing and reinstalling the wooden framework can be high. Our technicians first attempt to return the materials to a preloss condition. First, we inspect the frame and perform a pre-test to judge whether damages are a sign of scorching or charring rather than smoke residue soiling. In most situations, fires affect the visual appearance of structure but not its integrity. If the structure is significantly weakened, we can consider a replacement.

What techniques are used for structural frame restoration?

    Light to moderate residues can often benefit from dry cleaning or wet cleaning using detergents.

    Significant smoke residues may require an abrasive technique using blasting equipment to remove wood layers.

    The sealing damaged frame can help to control odors and is often the preferred method of restoration.

Addressing the structural framework of a fire-damaged home relies on experience and expertise. Contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000.

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