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How Can Post-Fire Residues Get Removed from Caldwell Homes?

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every fire damage restoration service.

Soils and deposits can be a considerable challenge for Caldwell housefire recovery.

Post-fire cleanup involves a range of immediate actions that must occur. While a focus ultimately lies in the removal of harmful soot and smoke residues, our SERVPRO team also provides effective mitigation such as:

  • Water removal services
  • Content relocation
  • Air filtration
  • Fire debris removal

Soot and Smoke Residues 

One of the most common types of needed fire damage restoration for Caldwell homes is overcoming smoke and soot residues. With how rapidly these conditions develop and change, true soot removal involves several approaches ranging from chemical sponges to wet cleaning. Concentrations of soot damage can also amplify smoke odors and superficial harm that must get resolved as soon as we can. 

Fire Suppression Deposits

There are times when putting out the fire can cause similar damage to the soot and smoke deposits our SERVPRO team already combats when reaching your home after a fire loss event. Fire extinguishers in your home might handle a large variety of threatening situations and require surface cleaning after they get used. Wet and dry cleaning approaches work in this regard as well to protect homes and contents against worsening damage. 

Protein Fire Soils 

Kitchen fires can be disruptive to your life, even when they do not extend beyond this room. Situations like grease fires can leave formidable protein residues on cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces. Water-based solvents are helpful against oily deposits from burned food.

Restoring homes and businesses after fire damage is not a one-size-fits-all solution for the property. Many look to our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team to help with fast cleaning and mitigation. With experience and a rapid response, our professionals can make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (208) 466-5000.  

Fire Damage In Your Caldwell Property

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage to your home can be devastating. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service. We will have your home back to preloss condition ASAP.

Lessen the Impact from Fire Damage in Caldwell with Help From SERVPRO

A house fire on any level is a traumatic event that leaves the occupants with a whirlwind of emotions. In addition to the turmoil you go through, you have to think about the best way to address the damage from the fire to get your household back into shape. Hiring professionals at SERVPRO for cleanup is the best way to ensure that everything is done in a timely fashion.

If you are burdened with fire damage in Caldwell, addressing moisture and odors is vital. Hiring professionals ensure all essential areas are covered so that your living space is back to normal as soon as possible. These are some crucial steps to follow to make the assessment and cleanup go smoothly:

  •   Talk with the authorities to ensure the fire is fully extinguished and it is safe to re-enter the home. Your fire department informs you when it is safe enough to have the professionals begin the assessment process.
  •   Get in touch with close family to let them know about the fire and that everyone is safe. You can also discuss hiring SERVPRO with your insurance provider to get the ball rolling. Our team will help with all of the necessary claim forms to expedite the fire restoration process.
  •   Obtain a report from your local fire department, which includes details of the fire, the structure of the home and fire location, the time, and the date.
  •   SERVPRO also recommends having your property boarded up until the full cleanup and restoration process begins to keep it safe from vandals and theft.

Once you are ready to have the restoration begin, SERVPRO technicians arrive for a full assessment of the interior and to the exterior of your home. We use innovative technology to remove any water from extinguishing the fire and ensure that all odors and soot residue are thoroughly cleaned up and surfaces are disinfected. To determine your home is completely dried, we use thermal imaging to locate any stray areas where moisture is present.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Our SERVPRO technicians go through regular training and certification to ensure we exceed industry standards for inspection, cleaning, and restoration of all fire-damaged structures. We know how to handle any fire damage situation, and you can count on us to leave it looking, “Like it never even happened.”

Give us a call at SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 if you need assistance with fire damage cleanup and restoration. We're always available 24/7 for emergency service.

Soot, Smoke, and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Caldwell Properties

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fires can lead to soot and other residues or damages. Team SERVPRO can help with effective remediation services. Call right away.

Correct Removal of Fire and Soot Related Stains Is a SERVPRO Area of Expertise

Fire is an essential part of the lives of Caldwell residents. It is necessary for cooking, heating, and even burning certain substances. However, when it goes out of control, the results can be very destructive to your property. Soot and smoke particles from the fire can land and stick to different surfaces in the structure. Restoration involves getting rid of these residues. The process requires a professional who understands the behavior of smoke during a fire and knows where to locate the heaviest deposits when inspecting the damage.

If your home sustains soot and smoke damage, you can rely on SERVPRO to restore your property. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced and can respond quickly to your fire damage emergency in Caldwell. As usual, we are dedicated to bringing back your contents to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."

Smoke and Soot Damage

Soot residues come in different forms - some are easier to clean while others tend to be stubborn. SERVPRO fire damage technicians are trained to deal with various types of soot, namely protein smoke residues, wet smoke residues, fuel oil smoke residues, and dry smoke residues. Factors that determine whether the smoke residue is wet or dry include:

  • The type of substance or material burning
  • The level of oxygen present
  • The rate of combustion

These types of combustion byproducts require different cleaning methods. We use mild cleaning procedures for dry smoke because it does not cause embedded stains and has relatively fewer pungent odors. Natural materials often produce dry smoke when they sustain fire damage. Getting rid of wet smoke residues is more difficult because it is packed with aerosols such as solvents, varnishes, and other components. You can expect wet smoke if any synthetic materials are burning in the structure.

Ignoring smoke damage can lead to permanent consequences. Furniture, carpeting, and personal items with severe soot and fire damage could become irreparable. The soot can irreversibly discolor porous materials within minutes. After a few hours, it can rust or corrode metallic furniture and even damage your flooring. In the end, this can cause greater cleanup and replacement costs.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is on call 24/7 to offer fire damage restoration services in your Caldwell community every day of the year. For assistance with soot and smoke damage due to a fire accident in Caldwell and Nampa, call us at (208) 466-5000.

Fire Damage in Nampa Is Restored with Professional Help

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

From Nampa house fire cleanup to deodorizing using hydroxyl generators--trust SERVPROP

SERVPRO Provides Cleanup for Fire-Damaging Events to Your Nampa Property

Many homeowners go years managing their housekeeping tasks, rarely, if ever, call anyone in to help. A catastrophic event like a house fire understandably changes that feeling of confidence and competence to doubt and inadequacy. SERVPRO focuses on providing high-quality fire damage restoration services, meeting the needs of our community.

You threw a load of clean laundry into the dryer and then ran a few errands, coming back to find the fire department cleaning up after extinguishing a blaze in your utility room. Lint-clogged venting was the culprit, and now you need to respond to fire damage to your Nampa home. You are overwhelmed by the smoky, sooty laundry area and the issues caused by the water used to put out the fire. We have water, soot, and smoke damage restoration experts available to assist within hours of your emergency call.

A SERVPRO project manager arrives quickly, and with agreement from you and your insurance adjuster, puts together the restoration plan that guides the crew assigned to the steps needed to clean up and then restore your home to pre-fire damage condition. Water removal is part of almost every fire damage restoration job. Our crews receive ongoing training and certification in dealing with water damage and other task related to home fires. Once any residual water is extracted and the area is dried with air movers and dehumidifiers, our attention turns to cleaning up the fire residue. If feasible, we can immediately set up hydroxyl generators to begin the elimination of noxious odors.

SERVPRO team members are familiar with current fire restoration industry standards and follow the guidelines of the IICRC. SERVPRO uses products and equipment that meet or exceed the standards. We evaluate the structure and contents throughout your entire home soiled with residue and select appropriate and effective tools and cleaners to remove the soot and debris. Charred areas may be sanded down and refinished or replaced, if necessary. Restoration is our mission, to save time and money and to reduce the disruption to your household. After the visible effects of the fire disappear, we resolve any odor issues with strategies ranging from thorough cleaning through spray neutralizers to thermal fogging in extreme cases.

If you are one of the more than 15,000 homeowners with a lint fire this year, SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell stands ready to help. We can even clean the lint-filled vent and your home's HVAC system and ductwork. Call our offices at (208) 466-5000 to schedule an inspection and restoration planning session.

Restoring Draperies after Fire in Nampa?

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Drapes and fire don't mix. But when it does call SERVPRO for the fire restoration services needed for your property.

Call SERVPRO for Convenience during Fire Damage Restoration

Draperies collect significant amounts of soot, ash, and other residues during fire incidents. You can tell by checking for changes in the fabric's colors or the smoky odor they emit. If there is no charring, cleaning can help restore materials to their preloss condition.

If cleaning draperies as part of fire damage restoration in Nampa properties, it is vital to consider the dominant factors to ensure the best outcome. Some of the steps to take might include:

  • Pretesting and pre-inspecting fabrics
  • Testing the residues to establish their physical properties
  • Establishing existing issues like spots, watermarks, stains, or sun damage

SERVPRO technicians are well versed in the cleaning processes. For instance, we understand that the age of the drapes affects cleaning outcomes. If they are older than two years, there is a high chance of physical damage during cleaning since the material is fragile.

When cleaning, we use various approaches to ensure a positive outcome. For instance, pre-vacuuming helps remove loose combustion residues as well as natural soils such as dust. We also use hot water extraction or machine dry cleaning

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell can help you tackle any aspect of fire damage restoration. Call us at (208) 466-5000.

Did a Fire Start in your Nampa Home?

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

Small or large fire? We are prepared for any size fire damage situation. Contact SERVPRO for services right away.

Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration in Nampa

If a fire ever ignites inside your home, many safety hazards could exist even after the flames are extinguished. Burnt materials could pose fall or trip hazards. Or, water could intrude and damage wiring, which could cause electrical hazards. 

Whenever we work towards fire damage restoration in Nampa, our SERVPRO technicians first identify any potential hazards before any work begins. Once we determine any potential risks, we then assess the threats and control the potential safety issues. We can effectively implement controls to eliminate safety hazards using the following methods:

  • Elimination/Substitution: If we can, we avoid the task altogether or find a safer way to complete the work needed.
  • Engineering: If possible, we can redesign the work environment or activity to eliminate the safety hazard.
  • Administrative: We can use training or work schedules to reduce risks during the project.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): In many cases utilizing PPE can lower the risk of hazards present in the work environment.

Whenever you suffer from a fire, contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000. 

Need Last-Minute Gifts in Nampa?

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Leave the fire restoration to the professionals at SERVPRO. We are IICRC certified technicians that have the know how, equipment, and experience.

Find Them At The Nampa Holiday Market 

Nampa residents that need to finish up their holiday shopping can find precisely what they are looking for at the Holiday Market held at the Art Source Gallery. This holiday event represents over 40 different local artists, and attendees can choose from many other handmade mediums, including paintings, sculptures, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, pottery, and blown glass art. Find the perfect pair of earrings or a picture to create fond memories for the gift recipient. The venue asks that visitors observe social distancing and wear a mask per safety protocols. Since 1993 this fine art gallery has made original art both affordable and collectible in the local area. 

  • Date: December 21, 2020
  • Time: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Admission is free 

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 proudly assists local Nampa residents with any size fire restoration services needed. The trained technicians have the experience and equipment to make the damage to the property, "Like it never even happened."

Nampa Residents Can Safeguard their Homes Against Fire By Using Premiere Restoration Services.

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's fire restoration professionals are ready around the clock to assist you with fire remediation services. Call today at (208) 466-5000.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is an Award-winning Local Restoration Company for Residents Experiencing Fire Losses in their Home.

At the heart of Canyon County is Nampa city. With an estimated population of just under 100,000, Nampa is a closely connected community with a big city's opportunities. Since its inception in the late 19th century, we have always been a community that stays close to its roots of agriculture and exports. Today, these two crucial economies remain part of the city, shaping our traditions and culture. A large part of this culture center is on the outdoors, with Castle Rocks State Park's stunning scenic beauty standing out among the mountainous landscape. Outdoors activities for those visiting the Northwestern State include skiing, mountain biking, and relaxing in our natural hot springs. The lakes surrounding Nampa provide a welcome retreat for fishing or motorized water sports.

Every year thousands of Americans make the trip up to Nampa to support the Snake River Stampede Rodeo. Known as one of just ten professional rodeo circuits, this five-day event brings Bullfighters and Barrelman from all over seeking to win the prestigious title and a $450,000 cash prize. This national event kicks off with a parade through Main Street, Nampa, before making its way to the Snake River Rodeo's Ford Idaho Center. While this year's coronavirus restrictions have forced a cancellation, we are sure to be back in 2021 to provide some of the fastest entertainment in Northern America. 

  • Average attendance for the five-day event is estimated at around 60,000 people—almost two-thirds of the city's total population.
  • The rodeo began life as a harvest festival in 1908 but gradually transformed into today's stunning carnival. The first official reports of the current incarnation date back to 1937.
  • Stampede for the Cure is a charitable society set up alongside Snake River Stampede that has donated over $750,000 to breast cancer screenings and cancer awareness training for women in the Treasure Valley.

The Great Nampa of Fire in 1909 

Perhaps the biggest disaster to occur to Nampa in the twentieth century was the downtown fire. The fire source came from a firework that was let off into an entirely wooden cigar shop. In these times, the primary building material was lumber and timber. At the same time, the closely constructed streets allowed flames to spread quickly from 12th Avenue onto Front Street directly opposite the train depot. The blaze occurred just as the town was preparing for the 4th of July celebrations. Within four hours of the first firework being set off, several streets went up in flames. It is estimated that up to half of Nampa's businesses were wiped away by this devastating event. Despite the unfortunate events of the 3rd of July 1909, the community formed a parade to continue celebrating Independence Day, although wisely chose to do so without a fireworks show. 

Things to do in Nampa, Idaho

  • Nampa is full of conservation areas where visitors can enjoy protected wildlife that lives at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Center in Lake Lowell. There are over 200 species of birds that reside in Lake Lowell, while visitors can enjoy extreme water sports and fishing.
  • Treasure Valley is home for some of the most understated wineries in the new world. Thanks to rural irrigation systems and volcanic soil, winemaking has gone from strength to strength in the North West. In 2017, this growing industry was estimated to have had an economic impact of $210 billion. Many wines exported across the world are available locally in our fine-dining restaurants downtown.
  • The municipal drive is home to The Warhawk Museum, which commemorates our armed forces' bravery alongside a collection of military aircraft. As a part of the Library of Congress' The Veteran History Project, this museum runs community-focused events and documents civilians and veterans' contributions through history. 

Food and Drink in Nampa

Our city has a reputation for fresh produce from the hundreds of acres of farmland surrounding us. Among our key highlights are Brick 29 Bistro on 11th Avenue which serves traditional meals elevated by locally-sourced produce and modern cooking techniques. For Asian food lovers, Little Saigon Vietnamese in the Village Square and Hong Kong on 11th Avenue provide authentic cuisine from the South East of Asia. Our regular cycles of hops and barley from the local fields have to lead to a wealth of unique breweries served throughout Nampa. 

  • Crescent Brewery on Front Street has specialized testing rooms and live entertainment every day of the week. 
  • Madison Avenue plays host to the Mother Earth Brewing Company that reopens its tasting rooms, typically running for four to five hours from Thursday through Sunday.
  • Prefunk Beer Bar is situated close to Village Square on 1st street and features its very own microbrewery served to customers directly from the vat.
  • Finding Fire Restoration Companies Near Me in Nampa, Idaho. SERVPRO Offers Round-the-Clock Support to Local Residents. 

Extinguishing a property fire is just the first step in getting back your home. Combusting materials produce thick soots, smokes, and odors that can permeate a property quickly. It can often be a traumatic event sifting through burnt belongings while attempting to clean soot deposits on walls could inadvertently cause further harm. Our fire restoration technicians have a wealth of experience working in properties with the architecture and building assemblies unique to Nampa. We can remove debris from the property, clean and repair your structure, and restore belongings that may recover after fire exposure. 

  • SERVPRO can mobilize air filtration devices as well as powerful odor counteractants to stabilize the indoor air quality of your home and return it to a preloss condition. 
  • Our technicians are nationally qualified and conduct responsible restoration and disposal of goods according to state or federal laws. 
  • We are available twenty-four-hours-a-day and can commit to arriving on-site within four hours of receiving your notification of loss. 

If a property fire damages your home or belongings, contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000.

How Can I Clean My Soiled Furniture in Nampa After I Suffer Smoke Damage?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in your home needs to be dealt with quickly so you and your family can get back in. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

For Fire Damage Mitigation and Cleaning Inside Your House in Nampa Call SERVPRO

Some of the most common types of issues that can take place after you suffer from a structural burn in your Nampa house, are those related to smoke. These partially combusted particles get released during a blaze, and they can travel to places in your home that are far from where the flames initially started.

Can items of mine that are covered in soot be saved?

During fire damage mitigation in Nampa, our SERVPRO team always follows the same set of procedures using these basic principles:

  • Locate affected areas.
  • Determine what kind of residues exist.
  • Identify the types of surfaces affected.
  • Capture the residues either dry or in a cleaning solution.
  • Remove and properly dispose of the residues.

We can also combine these principles with the four elements of cleaning to successfully clean your contents and building materials. The things that affect how well soils get suspended in a cleaning solution are temperature, agitation, chemical action, and time. Depending on the type of material affected, one or more of the basic cleaning actions can be used to remove most soot residues.

What are the different cleaning actions?

  • Mechanical Action: This action describes how agitating an affected surface can be an effective way to dislodge soot residues.
  • Lubrication: To lubricate is to make a surface slippery so that soils can be pushed off and immersed into a cleaning solution.
  • Chemical Action: This takes place when one substance chemically alters another one such as a chemical dissolving the soot's bond to your affected surfaces.
  • Suspension: This occurs when a chemical is applied to an affected surface, and the residues get suspended into the solution and released from the surface.
  • Dispersion: Once the cleaning product suspends the soot residues into the solution, the soils get dispersed into the product so that they can be removed and discarded.

If you ever suffer from smoke-related issues after even a small fire ignites in your house, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 any day of the week.

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Are There Any Risks When Doing Fire Damage Restoration?

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO helps Nampa homeowners get cleaned up with minimal health risks

Soot and fire damage can leave a previously beautiful home ravaged with black residue everywhere, and many items warped or destroyed. Seeing the after-effects of a blaze is very upsetting for Nampa homeowners.

It's only natural to want to start fire damage restoration in your home as soon as possible. However, there are several health risks associated with cleaning up fire damage in Nampa, which is why SERVPRO recommends homeowners call in professional help. It isn't a good idea to tackle soot cleanup yourself, no matter how eager you are to get your home liveable once more.

What is soot?

We all know what soot looks like – it's a black residue that sticks to multiple surfaces after a house fire. But what exactly is soot?

Soot is a black residue left behind after a fire. When materials don't burn cleanly, the leftover residue forms soot. While some substances such as oil and wood burn cleanly, other materials do not, and when those materials burn, they create soot. 

Our modern homes are filled with substances that do not burn completely, including synthetic plastics, wool, plastics, wood compounds, and foam. After a fire, the soot left behind from the burning of these items poses a health hazard.

Can you always see soot damage?

No – soot damage isn't always visible to the naked eye. Of course, it's easy to spot the grimy black coating that soot leaves on surfaces, but soot particles themselves are microscopic, and these tiny particles can travel far from the source of the flame.

Tiny soot particles can settle into all the corners of your home, and even though you can't see them, they are still a real and present health hazard. Sometimes you don't get any indication that there is still soot present, but occasionally you might notice a faint smoke smell, which is a sure clue not all the residue has gone. That's why SERVPRO recommends always getting professional help after a fire because trained cleanup professional know-how and where to locate and clean even tiny soot residues.

How does SERVPRO protect my home during fire damage cleanup?

We train our technicians to assess and clean your home in the most effective way possible. 

As soon as they arrive on the scene, our technicians will assess the damage to your home. SERVPRO technicians know what to prioritize, and we also have an expert eye for which items can be saved or restored. That means you are less likely to discard damaged items thinking they are too far gone to rescue – don't throw anything away until SERVPRO has assessed it.

Our first step is to secure your home with tarps and boards if necessary. Then our team will set to work cleaning every corner of your home. We equip our teams with all the professional equipment they need to mitigate fire damage and clean up any water damage from the fire extinguishing efforts.

After our team finishes the cleanup phase of work, we will deodorize your home, so there's no lingering fire scent.

If the damage is extensive enough to require you to move out for a spell, our team is trained to help with pack-outs and move-outs. We get your home empty, so we can set to work restoring it. 

Don't try to carry out fire damage restoration yourself. Call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell on (208) 466-5000 for a professional touch.

How Can Original Wiring on Antique Lamps Can Cause Fire Damage in Nampa?

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Inspect your appliances often for signs of wear and tear to help prevent fires.

Mitigating Vintage Lamp Fire Damage in a Nampa Home 

Whether you want a vintage lamp to accentuate your decor or you are an avid collector of such items, vintage electrical appliances can pose some hefty fire risks. A UL-certified vintage lamp does not guarantee its safety, and typically means Underwriter's Laboratory certified the light at the time of its manufacture. In many cases, these types of lights need rewiring by a certified professional.  

If your vintage lighting or other electrical fixtures have caused fire damage to your Nampa home, SERVPRO technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to mitigate disaster. These technicians use a broad spectrum of mitigation tools, from EPA-registered wet and dry cleaning solutions to deodorizing solutions crafted to combat soot odors and residues, to restore your structure after incurring fire-related losses. SERVPRO can also help you find licensed local specialists that can rewire or replace components in your vintage fixtures, so they are fire-safe by today's standards. 

Handling Vintage Electronics & Fixtures

Finding a well-built vintage light fixture can be exciting for any decorating opportunity. However, there are some considerations you need to take into account before you purchase: 

  • Has the fixture been rewired? Correct wiring is vital for avoiding fire hazards from brittle wiring.
  • Does it have the US or European wiring? A foreign appliance needs to rewiring for US voltage requirements.
  • Has the fixture recently been UL-certified?If your light needs servicing or installation by an electrician, it must be UL-certified. Passing an electrical inspection helps increase your home's safety.  

SERVPRO Restores Charred Furniture

If an electrical fire from old lamp wiring has charred nearby fixtures and furniture, SERVPRO technicians can remove charred debris and focus on cleaning and restoring structural materials, and prepare the area for replacement of drywall and insulation. A wood nightstand or end table is salvageable if the charring is not overly extensive. Restoration techs can apply Wood Creme Paste to remove discoloration from wood and finishes on furniture.  

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell provides a mitigation service that can make your home look, "Like it never even happened." Call (208) 466-5000 for a cleanup that restores your home fast. 

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How Ozone Machines Deodorize Fire-Damaged Nampa Homes

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO teams are available 24/7. Call us any time at (208) 466-5000.

SERVPRO Teams Deodorize and Improve the Air Quality in Your Nampa Home Using Ozone Machines

Ozone generators are a commonly used deodorizer for Nampa homes following smoke odors and other harsh lingering scents. While there are multiple options for our SERVPRO team when neutralizing odor molecules is the objective, ozone machines can win out in many scenarios where the family and pets have become displaced from the property until restoration work completes.

Understanding how this deodorizer works to help address fire damage in Nampa homes can help a customer be more at ease with the process. Foreign machines and tools, especially those as misunderstood as the ozone machine, can use some explanation. The technicians of our team can rely on these powerful devices to react with the odor molecules present in the fire-damaged house after extinguishment, and we can even utilize this same technology on a larger scale for the ozone chamber that we have at our nearby warehouse for multi-item deodorizing.

What Does an Ozone Machine Do? 

Ozone generators pull traditional oxygen molecules apart into single atoms, which then can bond with untouched oxygen compounds and form a new molecular structure: ozone. These new compounds share three molecules of oxygen, making them able to chemically bond with present odor molecules and neutralize them.

Why Do They Get Used? 

Apart from their immediate ability to neutralize odors the ozone gas encounters, these generators also have the capability of helping a broad area of a residence or business without requiring relocation. The production of the ozone gas is also vital for penetration into damaged surfaces where odors can get trapped once the house cools following a fire.

Why They Are Not Exclusively Used

Though the ozone machine and chamber at our SERVPRO facility are both excellent tools for deodorization, their alteration of breathable air makes it dangerous to be around for humans and pets. This deodorization is ideal for empty houses as generators can run on a timer. If a family did not get displaced by a fire, alternate deodorization methods might be necessary.

Ozone generators can be a helpful tool in eliminating noxious odors after a fire loss incident. Our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team can help you overcome harsh scents and other fire damages by calling (208) 466-5000.

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Move Back After Content Cleaning and Fire Recovery in Nampa

11/10/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has your Nampa contents covered after a fire damage.

We know what to do for your Nampa fire recovery.

While content management can be a decisive element to the fire recovery services that we can offer Nampa homes, the move back process is critical to making it “Like it never even happened.” With move-back being the final result of often weeks of hard work, cleaning, and restoration of your belongings in our nearby SERVPRO facility, we ensure that your belongings stay safe and well cared for during these remaining steps.

Because so many individual items can succumb to spreading fire damage in Nampa residences, appropriate attention is necessary for your home to protect personal belongings, furniture, and other items recovered from the damaged property. During the time your possessions remain in our care, they get stored in a climate-controlled facility for the cleaning, deodorization, and other restorative approaches. Once fire losses have been sufficiently addressed in your household, we can begin the process of returning these belongings to their original location.

This process is more involved than many homeowners might believe. Our SERVPRO team prepares for the return of your furniture and belongings by reaching out to the customer. Scheduling this move back effort as far in advance as we can ensure there are no delays in getting your life back to normal. We can work around your schedule throughout this phase to minimize our impact on your daily life.

Staging all of your possessions and furniture by room can showcase each of these items as they get arranged throughout the household. The showcasing of these objects days before the move back officially occurs allows for a final inspection for cleanliness, neutralize odors, and to verify there are no other marks or stains present. With a green light from our content management professionals, we can return these objects to your residence at the designated time and date discussed with the customer.

As overwhelming as fire loss incidents can become, each certified technician of our fire loss team is capable of doing their part to help your damaged home and belongings through the phases of recovery. Give our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell team a call today at (208) 466-5000.

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SERVPRO Experts Can Handle Interior and Exterior Fire Damage In Nampa

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

We are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our fire damage specialists are certified by the IICRC in fire restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Burning Leaves, Brush, and Weeds can Lead to Preventable Fire Damage to the Exterior of Your Nampa Home

Fall weather includes outdoor activities like cleaning up the yards and adjacent fields, as well as along the borders, of your Nampa property. Much of this debris might get burned to save time over other disposal methods. Even if your family does not do this, neighbors close to you might. We are always here for you, no matter the source of the problem affecting your home.

If the wind picks up burning things or still-hot ash and pushes it near your Nampa house's exterior, fire damage can happen. An open door at the house, garage, or a shed can let the fire spread. SERVPRO specialists can handle both interior and exterior damage to your residence and make things like they were before. Taking safety into consideration can help prevent injuries and property damage to both your own house and to neighbors' homes, as well.

Instead of burning piles of leaves in an open area, we find that using a metal container with a mesh screen prevents many accidents. Smaller amounts of ash can escape, of course, so placing the container at a distance from your house means these smaller ashes burn out before coming into contact with anything.

Where you place the container should also be far away from gas grills, gardening supplies, vehicles (including farming equipment), and anything else slightly flammable. Checking overhead to make sure of an absence of power lines and other cables can prevent dangerous situations and fire damage

While our building department can help repair damage to your roof, preventing it costs much less. Such damage can come from either power lines that catch fire, or dead trees that ignite from a fire burning too close to their branches. A mesh top to the container can help keep flames from growing too tall. We can also remove such trees, freeing up your lawn from broken branches and other debris.

Regarding flammable items, you must never burn containers that held gas, oil, or other chemicals. Even if these do not explode inside the burning container, they can release highly toxic fumes and gases when they reach certain temperatures. This is also true when burning plastics and other synthetic materials. While many items produce different colors that might tempt teenagers to add such items for their visual effects, the by-products make this a dangerous activity.

Residents in our area can contact SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell by calling (208) 466-5000. We are always ready to respond to your emergency and make things “Like it never even happened” to your property's exterior, interior, and outbuildings. Fire damage also brings smoke and soot deposits, as well as foul odors, into your environment.

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A Primer on How to Remove Smoke Odors From Your Fire Damaged Nampa Home

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage is as lingering effect of fires. SERVPRO has the equipment to neutralize the odors quickly.

Fire Damage Experts In Nampa Describe The Operations Of Deodorization Equipment

Over 25 percent of all the fires reported in the United States take place in home environments just like yours in the Nampa area. One out of every 326 households per year report fire damage, which results in over 300,000 structural blazes occurring in the U.S. every year. These burns cause over six billion dollars in direct property damage each year across the country.  

If fire damage in your Nampa residence occurs after an inferno, it is judicious to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. The owners of the local SERVPRO company that services Caldwell and surrounding areas, Brian and Kelly Reed feel that the customers are the essential part of the property restoration and recovery business. I (Brian Reed) am a third-generation Idahoan, and myself and my wife Kelly have been working in the region for over a decade. Our business has also received several awards for Outstanding Sales Performance.  

Our fire and smoke restoration technicians or FSTs get certified by the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC. We have training in using the industry's most advanced techniques and equipment during the entire process. A significant part of any project is the deodorization process and the equipment used to eliminate foul odors.  

Pressure Sprayer/Electric Sprayer: We can utilize handheld sprayers to apply deodorization chemicals that both mask and pair with malodor particles.  

Ventilation Box Fans: These high-velocity air movers can help ventilate the area with smoke damage by pushing out malodor particles.  

Air Scrubbers: Air scrubbers can remove odors and gases from the air by pulling air inside the affected area across a HEPA filter. 

Injection Devices: Using injectors, our FST can insert deodorants into small areas of affected carpet or upholstery.  

Duct Cleaning Systems: These advanced systems contain all of the items necessary to clean out the entire heating and ventilation system inside your home.  

Ozone Machine: These machines send out charged O3 particles that attach to malodor molecules and chemically oxidize and neutralize them.  

We implement one or more of these types of equipment when foul aromas still exist after all soot residues and burnt materials have been removed. If you ever suffer from a fire burning on your property, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 immediately.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fire Damage Remediation in Nampa

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Fire damage remediation can be exhausting when trying to manage it alone. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Safe Damage Assessments After Fires in Nampa Homes

Among the first steps that any Nampa homeowner must begin after a fire loss incident is a damage assessment of the property. As tempting as this might be to do alone to both save time and money, there are considerable risks for untrained and uneducated homeowners unfamiliar with these hazards. For this reason, it has always been a priority of our restoration team to respond quickly to fire emergencies to ensure that this step happens with competent professionals and so work can get started in your damaged home immediately.

We can appreciate how traumatic and stressful fire damage can be in your Nampa home, and how it can be taxing to not fully understand how involved these effects are when working to recover your house. Our SERVPRO team arrives quickly to a damaged address with our estimator and project management to walk through the affected areas of your house safely to determine the full extent of damage and loss.

Our team understands how important it is to get effective restoration started immediately, and this often involves getting the right information and evidence to your insurance company. Many loss incidents can get covered with traditional home insurance, but to fully understand the specifics of your plan, you need to reach out to your provider after our team has started collecting the evidence and documentation they need to approve a damage claim.

The SERVPRO professionals at your home work with your insurance company to contend with any red tape or hurdles to overcome in the approval of this claim. We can listen and adhere to budgetary confinements and restrictions to ensure that we meet the demands of your provider and insurance adjuster to provide our customer with the best possible service.

Damage assessment might seem like something that any homeowner could do on their own, but there are many pitfalls and hazards to this approach. Also, when most insurance companies require professional inspection and assessment, you can save time and money by contacting our SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell first. Give us a call anytime at (208) 466-5000.

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Are You Plugging Fire Damage into Your Nampa Home?

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Overloaded plugs and frayed wires are common causes of house fires.

Fire Damage Cleanup for Your Nampa Home

Electricity is one of the most important inventions, and modern gadgets have made life in Nampa a lot easier, giving us time to indulge in other kinds of activities. However, do we think much about the electrical cords that go to all of our devices? We might have furniture or heavy boxes resting on them, or the wiring might run underneath a carpet and get overheated. These things can also result in frayed wiring which needs repair or replacement immediately to avoid a fire hazard.  

When a frayed wire has sparked a fire and left fire damage in your Nampa home, you want to call the professionals of SERVPRO for help restoring your structure right away. Even a small fire needs to be cleaned up properly, so more damage does not occur. Settled soot from any fire is acidic and continues to do damage until removal from your home and possessions.  

When the fire was small with no structural damage, SERVPRO techs still need to take care of the smoke odors left behind. You might not even be able to see the smoke residues, but they are still present. Getting rid of the source of odors if possible is our first step. We ventilate the area affected by the odors, and then we clean any surfaces which have smoke residues with a deodorant/detergent solution. Most of the cleaning is typically done in the room that had the fire and in the adjoining rooms. Areas that are farther from the source should only need minimal cleaning.  

We ventilate the area once more and then reassess if any odors remain. If they do, we distribute deodorizers in various phases of odor control. Our team controls vapor odors by applying odor counteractant beads, and we also thermal-fog the area affected. We start the fogging in the source area and then dispense less fog as we move away. We also check for any odor pockets in wall cavities or spaces above suspended ceilings and fog them if needed.  

If your HVAC system was operating during the fire, that gets inspected as well. Putting a cheesecloth over the vents can detect whether there is smoke contamination coming from the ventilation system. The cheesecloth also keeps your HVAC system from getting dirty again while we are cleaning the rest of your structure.  

Even after a small fire in your home in Cadwell, Nampa, or the surrounding areas, you can trust SERVPRO of Nampa/Caldwell to take care of the smoke odors and residues left behind. Instead of trying to clean it yourself, call us at (208) 466-5000. We ensure a thorough job so your home is clean and safe again.

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Fire Damage Can Have Multiple Side Effects in Your Nampa Home

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Fire damage infiltrates your entire home. Call SERVPRO for help fixing any fire damage in your home.

Fire Odor Damage Technicians In Nampa Describe Various Deodorization Methods

Whenever something burns inside your Nampa townhome, the heat and the flames might not be the biggest problem. In many cases, fire odor damage becomes a more significant portion of the mitigation project than the removal of burnt materials. Smoke coming from a fire can cause many issues even in rooms far away from the source. Smoke can cause soot residues to develop on surfaces inside your home and create unpleasant aromas. In some cases, further steps must be taken to mitigate your fire odor damage even after all soot residues and soils get cleaned and removed.

Whenever removing odors from a building, our SERVPRO technicians utilize various types of equipment. When restoring fire odor damage in Nampa, we utilize chemicals and techniques that either mask or neutralize malodor particles. Masking occurs when more pleasant aromas are put into the environment in an attempt to cover up burnt smells. Other deodorization techniques use chemicals or ozone particles to pair with and chemically neutralize the malodor particles. The idea when using masking or pairing agents is to break chemicals down into microscopic particles that mimic the way the smoke moved through your townhouse.

Fogging methods such as using an ultra-low volume fogger breaks down the chemicals into tiny particles in the form of a fog. The deodorant fog can then penetrate deep into porous materials like fabrics. In more severe situations, our SERVPRO technicians can implement thermal fogging equipment. Thermal foggers heat the chemicals and break them down into even smaller microscopic particles. Thermal fogging does the best job of mimicking smoke behavior due to the heat applied during the process.

Another method used when deodorizing a building, is setting up an ozone machine. Ozone generators send unstable O3 molecules into the air. The extra oxygen atom in the O3 compound attaches to malodor particles and oxides them making them neutral thus removing burnt aromas. If you ever notice any types of foul smells after something burns inside your home, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 seven days a week.

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Trust The Experts To Restore Your Caldwell Home After A Fire

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Only the experts can help you restore your home after a fire like this has hit.

Professional Help Needed To Remediate Fire Smoke Stains In Caldwell The most effective

Caldwell fire restoration companies invest in extensive training of the teams of technicians assigned to residential recovery efforts. Remediating the soiling and staining from fire damage depends on accurate identification of many variables in each fire damage scenario. The materials combusted during a fire deposit different types of sooty residue and our crews know how to match the soots and staining to effective cleaning products and efficient cleaning methods. 

Fire smoke stains in your Calwell home need expert assessment before our technicians begin cleaning. The stains affect both structural components and the contents of your home. Some must be managed on-site, evident with the soling of walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures. Often smoke damaged household and personal items benefit from a pack-out, inventoried and transported to our production facility.

SERVPRO crews approach each type of smoke staining in a research-based manner, using techniques mastered during Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classes. Loose, dry ash deposited after a hot, paper or wood-based fire responds well to dry sponging and HEPA-filtered vacuuming. Liquid cleansers or wet sponging smears and spreads this type of stain. 

Slow-combustion fires such as electrical-based or smoldering fabrics leave a thick, sticky residue. Wet cleaning or a spray and wipe technique works well to loosen this staining. Adding a specialized smoke stain-removing product formulated with surfactants and wetting agents helps dissolve this kind of soiling, and our SERVPRO technicians also might choose to use abrasive tools to address these stains more aggressively. 

Protein-based fires like those in a kitchen or dining area lay down a thin, odiferous coating that is difficult to remove. SERVPRO technicians use appropriate solvents or other products to dislodge the protein staining from food and grease fires.   

Specialized techniques like foam cleaning, immersion cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning come in handy for our production facility technicians. Upholstery, window coverings, clothing, toys, books, and electronics, to name a few, need professional attention. SERVPRO has industrial washers, access to dry-cleaners, immersion and ultrasonic tanks, and many more options available to take items that appear stained and damaged beyond redemption back to preloss condition. 

Rely on the experts at SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell to resolve fire stains and residues, restoring your home and possessions “Like it never even happened.” One call to (208) 466-5000 mobilizes our team of fire restoration specialists.

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How The Team At SERVPRO Handles Your Fire Damage Disaster In Nampa

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Several challenges need to be addressed during fire damage restoration as we work to return your home to preloss condition.

Addressing The Unique Fire Damage Restoration Needs In Your Nampa

Several challenges need to be addressed during fire damage restoration as we work to return your items and building to its preloss condition. For the smoke residues to form, different proportions of moisture, heat, oxygen and other gases must interact. Cleaning and restoration services are meant to reduce the necessity to replace and resurface contents and surfaces within the loss environment. Let us look at the elements of cleaning that we employ to suspend and remove smoke residues from your Nampa property.

Some incidents may force our SERVPRO technicians to agitate surfaces during fire damage restoration in Nampa. For instance, when residues are sticking to the walls and floors, we may use brushes, towels, sonic vibrations, as well as water and air pressure to perform the agitation. By using this technique, we can distribute the cleaning product and dislodge particles from surfaces. Some area cannot withstand particular mechanical actions, so we have to choose a cleaning method that preserves the surface or item.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand that the rate of some chemical actions increases as the heat increases. The preferred cleaning agent and the item to clean allow us to settle on the most suitable temperature. Bleaching, oxidization, pH change, digestion, emulsification, and dissolving are some of the chemical actions that the right temperature triggers. For instance, the bleaching action may be necessary when removing stains from wool and cotton carpeting.

The dwell time that each cleaning and deodorization procedure demands can be different, and it is determined by the type of residues and the cleaning product that our SERVPRO technicians are using. From what our technicians have seen so far, the loss environment has very many variables, and that makes it difficult for our team to have a defined way of restoring your property. All the same, we have to use a procedure that efficiently releases and carries the smoke residues from the affected area. We also must dispose of the wastes as per the local and state regulations.

SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell understands that all residential or commercial properties have unique cleaning and restoration needs after the disaster. Our highly trained experts have the skills and equipment to do the job right the first time. Call us at (208) 466-5000 Residential Services to work with a proven leader in the restoration industry.

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Surface And Saturation Techniques To Clean Your Caldwell Property After A Fire Damage Incident

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Cleaning is part of the fire damage restoration process, and we have to vary the aggressiveness we use when applying the cleaning products.

Techniques To Clean Your Property After A Fire

Cleaning is part of the fire damage restoration process, and we have to vary the aggressiveness we use when applying the cleaning products. It is also vital to use the right concentrations of the cleaning product to avoid subjecting some materials to additional damage. We're going to cover some of the surface and saturation techniques we use when salvaging your Caldwell property.

When cleaning contents with a hard surface such as furniture during fire damage restoration in Caldwell, our SERVPRO technicians may decide to use the spray and wipe technique. Before we start this process, we may vacuum off the loosely attached soot residues. We are careful not to strip off your furniture's finish or grind the smoke particles into the wood. We usually use a sponge when wiping and do it along the grain. At the end of our cleaning process, our experts apply a wood polish to leave the furniture shining.

Limiting the amount of moisture when cleaning some items may be necessary, and our SERVPRO technicians may decide to use foam cleaning as an option. We can derive the foam from the cleaning product using a pump-up sprayer or a natural sponge. When generating the foam using the sponge, we start by dipping it into the cleaning product and then squeeze it several times until the foam develops.

Some cleaning needs may require a more dissolving action and the need to apply a greater quantity of the cleaning agent. We prefer saturation techniques when overwetting is not likely to cause color loss or any changes to the materials. It also means we have to dry the materials thoroughly at the end of the cleaning. The wash and rinse processes using an upholstery cleaning machine or a hand are examples of saturation techniques. We use the method to clean fabrics which are heavily soiled, and we have to select whether to use solvent or water-based cleaning products.

Our team at SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell is highly trained and has the knowledge to use advanced cleaning and restoration equipment. Call us at (208) 466-5000 to work with a trusted leader in the restoration industry.

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Fire Damage Technicians In Caldwell Talk About Problems With Wall Studs

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If a fire ever starts inside your home in Caldwell the damage caused by the burn can be devastating.

Fire Damage Experts Talk About Problems With Wall Studs

If a fire ever starts inside your home in Caldwell the damage caused by the burn can be devastating. Once a blaze ignites, it can spread quickly using anything inside the house as fuel to keep burning. The longer a fire stays burning, the more things inside your home it can ruin. In many situations, after a burn takes place, the homeowner finds that many items got damaged including contents and building materials such as flooring, drywall, and other structural components.

Drywall is made to withstand heat and to protect the studs inside the wall cavities. However, during extreme fire damage cases in Caldwell, both the drywall and wooden studs can get burned. The drywall usually works as a barrier and does block some of the heat. In some scenarios, the drywall gets completely burnt, while the wood only gets slightly charred. Other times both the drywall and parts of the wall's structure must be removed and replaced.

Any time drywall gets affected by an indoor fire, the drywall gets removed, and the wooden structure inside the wall is checked. Our SERVPRO technicians then inspect how severely the wooden studs got charred. We test burnt wood by measuring how deep the charring goes into the substance. If the burning is only present on the surface and less than a quarter inch deep, then the studs may not have to be removed.

In these cases where only the surface of the wood is charred, our SERVPRO crew can save the studs by treating them. First, we remove all of the affected drywall so that the burnt studs are exposed. Next, we sand all of the black material off of the wood until fresh, unaffected wood can be seen. Lastly, we coat the affected wood with a specialized sealant paint.

If the wood inside your wall shows charring that is deeper than a quarter inch, then we remove the burnt pieces from the structure. Afterward, the missing studs get reinstalled during the reconstruction phase. If charring is present on the inside of the exterior walls they too can get sanded down and painted with a sealant.

Removing burnt material is essential so that the structural components keep their strength. If you ever need help with charred materials or contents inside your home, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 any day of the week.

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Caldwell’s Fire Damage Technicians Explain Cleaning Clothing

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Hurry and Call SERVPRO for Fire & Smoke Restoration in Caldwell

SERVPRO Can Offer Limited Help In Deodorizing Clothes As the Structure is Mitigated After a Fire

If a fire ever starts inside your Caldwell home, your possessions are at risk of getting ruined. The heat coming from the fire can burn many items such as contents or building materials that were close to the source or in the path of the blaze. All burns do not fully combust all substances, so partially consumed particles are sent into the air like smoke.

If items inside your home get charred or burned, they can at times be sanded down to bare wood or refinished. Most fire damage projects in Caldwell also grapple with problems from the smoke. Soot residues and burnt odors can remain after a fire is extinguished needing professional attention.

Porous materials hold onto malodor particles because smoke can penetrate them deeply. Materials that make carpet, upholstery or fabrics are porous materials that must be cleaned well to prevent odors in the future. Our SERVPRO technicians, pay particular attention to your building materials and contents that contain smoke affected fabrics. One possession that can receive smoke damage is your clothes.

Everyone has a closet full of sets of clothing that can get damaged by smoke from a fire. Since people wear clothes on their bodies our SERVPRO crew, goes through several processes to ensure the clothing gets cleaned and odors get eliminated. First, we organize all of your items of clothing according to which ones you want to wear soon and which ones you do not. Depending on the amount of smoke, odor, and water from extinguishing SERVPRO technicians can set up hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers fitted with both HEPA and activated carbon filters to do an immediate purge of the foul air. We then remove any metal hangers from the clothing before packing it up. Soot residues can oxide metal coat hangers causing them to stain your clothes. We then pack up your clothing in labeled boxes before moving to our cleaning location or quite often to a partnered dry cleaning company. Our main goal at SERVPRO is restoring your structure to its preloss condition.

If you ever need help cleaning and deodorizing clothes after a fire, call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 any time of the day.

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Our Move Out Process Can Restore The Contents of Your Caldwell Home Following a Fire

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Each instance of fire damage has particular needs when it comes to remediation. Contact SERVPRO to discuss your current scenario.

SERVPRO Technicians Customize the Fire Damage Remediation Plan to Your Particular Situation

When a fire affects your Caldwell home, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the degrees of damage that spread out to not only the structural components of your residence but the contents of these affected areas as well. The objective of our professional restoration outfit is to bring your home back to preloss conditions, and in many cases, this requires some added legwork on our part to affect the final product.
Significant fire damage to your Caldwell home might look and feel differently from house to house. This fact is part of the reason why our SERVPRO professionals get specially trained in all facets of fire restoration from cleanup to demolition. Of course, every fire affects every home differently, so your list of needs to fully restore your home following a blaze is likely very different from someone else.
That is why our SERVPRO technicians take a great deal of effort and attention towards a complete assessment of the damage that your home faces. This assessment not only helps our professionals to formulate the best strategy for restoring the damage to your home but also coincides with the needs of your insurance company to help you file the claim and have one less burden to worry about in this traumatic time.
Move-outs are a process in which our team can take contents of your home in the affected areas to a nearby facility to work more closely with restoring them on an individual basis. These items could be furniture, fabrics, electronics, framed items and much more. The objective of this process is to take each item and clean it, deodorize it, and prepare it for reintroduction into your fully restored home once the project gets completed.
While this might be a small facet of our broader restoration approach, it is something to show the level of care and dedication that we have to the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of the work that we do. You can always trust SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell to help you whenever you need it. Give us a call today at (208) 466-5000.

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Caldwell's Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

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After These Guys Leave Your Home, Call SERVPRO for Fast Fire Damage Cleanup in Caldwell

Fire & Smoke Cleanup is a Cornerstone of SERVPRO Services in Caldwell

Accidents do happen, and sometimes they come in the form of a house fire. It does not matter whether the fire that started inside your Caldwell townhome was large or small, damage likely occurs. Flames and heat can burn contents and building materials, but smoke sometimes causes more problems than the fire itself.

Smoke coming from an indoor fire spreads all over your townhouse leaving deposits of soot on various surfaces. Whenever you are dealing with any smoke damage, it is wise to call SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Caldwell. Our crews are IICRC certified and know where smoke travels inside a structure.
Our crews understand the behavior of smoke well to aid them in the fire damage restoration process. Some factors affect how much soot gets deposited on your home's walls and ceilings and where the soot collects. Our skilled professionals at SERVPRO have the necessary training and experience to track where smoke travels and what surfaces it soils with soot.
Two main factors that affect where the smoke goes are the temperature of the smoke and the temperature of the surface. Heat rises as cooler air pushes downward causing smoke to move upward and stick on colder surfaces first. Smoke then travels with the natural airflow of the building bouncing off and going through objects like closed doors. Soot residue sometimes builds up in small areas the smoke travels through such as door cracks.
Often ionization and magnetism cause soot to build up thicker than in other places nearby. Some smoke particles such as those that come from burnt plastic materials get electrically charged causing them to stick to metal objects. Many times electrically charged smoke particles create smoke webs that look like black spider webs. Other times magnetism causes soot particles to stick to drywall nails causing nail pops that make it look like the nail is extending out of the drywall when it is not.
When restoring your home after a fire, our professionals make sure they mitigate all the places smoke damaged. Make sure all of the smoke damage present in your dwelling gets remediated correctly and call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell at (208) 466-5000 for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Preparing Your Caldwell Home For Reconstruction Following Fire Damages

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SERVPRO Can Cleanup a Fire Damaged Home in Caldwell in Preparation for a Rebuilding

SERVPRO Professionally Prepares Your Caldwell Home for Rebuilding After a Fire

While you might consider it to be nearly exclusive to the holiday season, people overload their electrical sockets all the time. When the demand significantly exceeds the supply of electrical power in an outlet of your Caldwell home, this can sometimes spark a fire. These events are often traumatic and make it difficult for you to thoroughly think through what has to happen to restore your home from the damages it received.
There is a range of what is deemed fire damage to your Caldwell home after an incident like this. While it is evident that any structural damages take priority to some of the aesthetic and irritating symptoms of your recent blaze, it should be the primary concern of the professional restoration team you choose to be thorough and restore your home entirely. That is what makes our SERVPRO team an excellent choice to make.
From the moment that our technicians arrive on the scene, our priority is assessing the damages and ensuring that no current condition gets worse when work begins on your home. To substantially reduce the risk of further damages from the elements outside, our SERVPRO professionals board up or tarp over any holes in your walls or roof, and close off any broken windows as well. The process prevents any prevailing issues from getting worse from disagreeable weather or conditions outside and aids in the restoration procedures as a whole.
If reconstruction is a requirement beyond the replacement of drywall in the affected area, our team of restoration specialists works to prepare the area for a contractor to get started right away. The preparation involves controlled demolition of the damaged areas of your home and clearing out damaged structural components that require replacement. The process ensures that a contractor hired out in conjunction with your insurance or personal preference can begin their work immediately.
Ultimately, our restoration process involves a significant number of processes to make it “Like it never even happened.” If you are dealing with fire damages to your home, call a restoration company that goes the extra mile and call SERVPRO of Nampa / Caldwell anytime at (208) 466-5000.

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Cleaning Smoke Odor from Carpeting After Fire Damage in Your Caldwell Home

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Soot and Odors Removed and Deodorized by SERVPRO to a Caldwell Carpet After a Fire

Fire & Smoke Cleanup and Deodorization Services By SERVPRO Makes Your Home Yours Again

When there has been a major fire in your home, there is much damage that needs to be taken care of before more occurs. Other than the apparent fire damage, you have water from fire-fighting efforts, and soot and smoke odors. Such an enormous task is no match for the typical homeowner in Caldwell, as it takes the right equipment and training to perform the job correctly.
Fire damage in your Caldwell home can require a lot of cleanup and repair. Perhaps the most challenging factor is to get rid of the smoke smell from items such as carpeting, which is why you should contact us at SERVPRO for help. We know what techniques to use to get the odor out to leave your home clean and fresh again.
Deodorization which is effect requires a combination of several techniques. The same product or process does not solve all odor problems. Some odors need direct spraying, some fogging, other activated oxygen chemical reactions. Our techs use a variety of equipment, depending on the odor situation.
Powered or hand-pump sprayers dispense chemicals at around 50 psi. SERVPRO staff uses them to spray applications directly onto the surface such as your carpeting. An ozone machine eliminates a variety of odors caused by fire damage. It generates ozone, an unstable gas of oxygen molecules. It chemically reacts with the molecules which are odor-causing to oxidize residues and get rid of odors. Once the process of deodorization is complete, ozone reverts quickly to the normal oxygen molecule, leaving behind no residues. However, this device has its limitations due to the potentially lethal effects of ozone. The structure must be empty of people, pets, and plants. Airborne particulates are neutralized when this technique is used.
With injection devices, a needle and syringe, or pump and injection needle, are used to inject reasonably small amounts of deodorant into confined spots on upholstery or carpeting. It is a useful method in situations where we cannot easily lift your carpeting to get to the padding or backing material.
SERVPRO of Nampa/Caldwell are the ones to trust after a fire in your home. Residents in Nampa, Caldwell, or surrounding areas can reach us any time of day or night at (208) 466-5000.

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